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Henry II and Thomas Becket

RSL Crew

1 2
4         5                
6 7   8                
9 10                    
  13                             14
  16                     17      
18                             19
20       21            

3.Cathedral in which Becket was murdered
4.Canonised by the Church
5.Pilgrims purchased memorabilia of Becket
8.A war between two groups from the same country
10.A journey to a religious place
11.Henry II promised to send 200 knight on this
12.Castle Becket was summoned to answer'varous charges'
13.Appointing bishops and abbots by secular lords
15.A holy place
16.Exclude a person from the Church
18.Henry II's chancellor
20.Number of knights who killed Becket
21.'.......... of the Clergy'
22.Head of the Catholic Church
23.Palace at which Becket changed his mind
1.Henry II's mother
2."Will no-one rid me of this ....... priest"
6.Members of the priesthood
7.Who said “While "Thomas lives, you will not have peace and quiet, nor see good days”
9.This stopped lay investiture
14.Thrown out of the country
15.King of England before Henry II
17.Archbishop of Canterbury in 1160
19.Part of Henry II absolution

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