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How Much do You Know about Scott Joplin?

Dara Fensky

Questions on the life and music of Scott Joplin.

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2.How many brothers did Scott have?
5.What was the name of Joplin's wife?
7.What was the piece that won Scott the names "King of Ragtime"? (3 Words)
8.How many opers did his write?
10.Who was the man that published most of Joplin's Rags? (2 Words)
12.At whos house did Joplin practice piano? (2 Words)
13.What is the main musical characteristic of Ragtime?
14.What instrument did Scotts father play?
16.What was the name of Scotts Ragtime opera? (4 Words)
17.What year did Joplin die?
19.What was Joplin's Fathers names?
1.What instrument did his Mother play?
2.What is the name of Scotts "grand" opera?
3.How many of Scotts brothers and sisters were musical?
4.What was the group Scott sang in with his brothers? (3 Words)
6.What was Scott's first job? (2 Words)
9.What was the name of Scott's first published work? (2 Words)
11.Where was Joplin born?
15.From what place did Joplin first play from?
18.What year was Joplin born in?

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