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General Instructions: No erasures. Identify what is asked for and fill out the crossword puzzle. (20pts)

2   3                          
7         8 9                    
10     11  
14     15           16
17                     18      

2.solution used to soften crusting formation (2 Words)
5.Water moves under high pressure to an area of lower pressure. It is much more efficient than osmosis at water removal and is accomplished by applying negative pressure or a suctioning force to the dialysis membrane
7.Created subcutaneously interposing a biologic, semibiologic, or synthetic graft material between an artery and vein.
9.serious complication of PD commonly caused by improper aseptic technique
12.results from rapid removal of waste products from the blood than from the brain, which results to cerebral edema
13.A trademark used for a synthetic polyester fabric or the fiber from which it is made
15.phase in PD where in dialysate is infused over a prescribed time
17.due to rapid fluid shifts; manifested by nausea and vomiting, diaphoresis, tachycardia, and dizziness
18.continuous treatment of renal replacement therapy occurring 24 to 48 hours with a blood flow of 100 – 200ml/min and a dialysate flow of 17-40ml/min.
19.used dialysis solution
20.slower dialytic modality that runs for prolonged periods using conventional hemodialysis machines with modification of blood and dialysate flows. It uses low blood-pump seeds of 200 ml/min and low dialysate flow rates of 300ml/min for 6-12 hrs daily
1.Instillation of a dialysate into the peritoneal cavity, which serves as a semi-permeable membrane, through a catheter inserted below the umbilicus. (2 Words)
3.Solution made up of water and all important electrolytes in their ideal extracellular concentrations.
4.due to blood lost during hemodialysis
6.Referred to as an artificial kidney
8.Created surgically by joining or anastomosing an artery to a vein.
10.most commonly used PD catheter
11.blood test for kidney function
14.vibration felt on placing the hand on the body
16.sharp or harsh systolic sound hear that is due to turbulent blood flow in a peripheral artery

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