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Parasitology 1

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2.class of eight legged arthropods including spiders, scorpions, ticks and mites
6.Mitaban; insecticidal dip fo rth treatment of demodicosis
7.self trauma; superficial abrasions that remove some of the skin substance, commonly caused by rubbing and scratching prurutic skin
11.an organism that lives upon or within another organism at whose expense it obtains some advantage
12.the period spanning all of the different stages of a species (2 Words)
14.the active insecticidal ingredients of Chrysanthemem flowers
16.ear worm
19.diagnostic test for ectoparasites in which epidermal and dermal tissue is removed by scraping with a scalpel blade for microscopic exam (2 Words)
27.primary host; host in which a parasite reaches maturity and reproduces (2 Words)
28.a hard non-digestable polysaccharide forming the exoskeleton of arthropods
29.found exclusively on one species of host (2 Words)
30.immature stage in a life cycle tha is unlike the parent and must undergo changes in form and size to reach adult stage
31.synthetic pyrethroid widely used to control ectoparasites; it is very stable and may last for several weeks
32.parasiticide with efficacy against most arthropods and nematodes
33.infested with lice
34.jointed feet; phylum of animals with hard segmented bodies and jointed appendages, including arachnids and insects
35.Sarcoptic mange; disease caused by the mite Sarcoptes, characterized by alopecia and intense pruritis
36.wool eater
37.fan head
38.restlessness and excitement in cattle or horses due to the presence of biting flies
39.secondary host; host in which a parasite undergoes a stage in its development but not to sexual maturity (2 Words)
1.Flesh cutter
3.eggs of lice
4.skin disease caused by mites
5.Demodectic mange; disease caused by the follicular mite Demodex, characterized by alopecia, erythema, and pustules
6.infested with ticks or mites
8.class or 6 legged arthropods including fleas, flies, and lice
9.the second stage in the development of insects, usually an inactive stage such as a cocoon
10.flea excrement (2 Words)
13.infested with maggots (larvae of flies)
15.the external hard framework that supports and protects the soft tissues of some invertebrates, including arthropods
17.solutions of insecticides applied to the entire body surface and left to dry for residual activity
18.stomach lover
20.tallow worm
21.the developmental stage of ticks, mites and lice between the larva and the adult and resembling the adult in appearance
22.leg cutter
23.comb head
24.skin borer
25.disease caused by the cattle grub Hypoderma, characterized by damage to the hide
26.below skin

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