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Parasitology 2

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3.coenurosis; infection of the brain and spinal cord of sheep with the tapeworm Taenia multiceps and the associated neurologic signs
7.one fo the segments that make up the body of a tapeworm
9.a parasitic worm
11.hair tail
12.equal seeds
13.the larval stage of the tapeworm Echinococcus that may be found in the lungs or liver of livestock and humans (2 Words)
18.curved mouth
19.sharp tail
21.referring to eggs that have developed to contain a larva
22.belt like
25.the period between the infection of a host and the time that eggs or larva can be recovered (2 Words)
26.Droncit; anthelmintic with efficacy against cestodes
27.compound commonly used to treat flukes
28.false parasite; material found on parasitological preparations that resemble parasites or eggs, e.g., pollen, hair, etc
33.transmitted from mother to offspring through milk
35.an antiprotozoal agent that acts upon coccidia
37.transmitted from mother to offspring across the placenta
38.diseases caused by the migration of nematode larva through body tissues (2 Words)
39.thread like
1.Strongid; anthelmintic with efficacy against nematodes
2.blood mass
4.the period between the infection of a host and the onset of clinical signs of disease (2 Words)
5.trematodes that infect domestic animals or humans
6.disease of humands caused by the ingestion of the larvae of Trichinella spiralis
8.the active, motile feeding stageof protozoa found in hosts
10.poison blood
14.single hair
15.protozoans having flagella, such as Giardia and Trichomonas
16.the inactive, non-motile, infective stage of protozoa found in the environment
17.the head or attachment organ of a tapeworm
20.Panacur; Panacur; anthelmintic with efficacy against nematodes, trematodes and some protozoa
24.Flagyl; an antimicrobial compound effective against protozoa and anaerobic bacteria
25.flat worms; trematodes and cestodes
29.bad omen threads
30.an agent destructive to worms
31.the infective larva of worms that reside in the bloodstream or tissues
32.a larval stage of Taenia tapeworms found in the tissues of ruminants, rabbits or rodents, and infective to carnivore and human hosts
34.accumulation of edema fluid in the intermandibular space (2 Words)
36.a group of parasites found principally in aquatic animals, including the flukes of domestic animals

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