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Mubawe Zimbo. Bawe.

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2.The reproductive isolating mechanism that prevents fertilization from occuring.
5.Similarities in patterns of embryonic development suggest shared ________.
8.When the environment changes, traits that were once helpful may be harmful, and traits that once had very little value may become ___________.
11.Species concept based on reproductive compatibility.
12.Gene flow is affected by _________ into and out of a population.
14.Traits organisms no longer need or use, but hang around because their lack of posing a threat to the organism means they do not get selected against by evolution. (2 Words)
18.Human directed, intentional breeding based on certain characteristics. (2 Words)
19.Different survival and reproduction among individuals of a population whose traits vary. (2 Words)
21.When a geographic barrier causes on group of individuals to be reproductively isolated from another group. (2 Words)
23.Darwin went to sea on the ship called: (2 Words)
25.Similar body parts that arise from similar environmental conditions rather than shared ancestry. (2 Words)
28.A measure of relative reproductive success.
32.When one extreme phenotype is selected. (2 Words)
33.Before Darwin, how often did people believe species changed?
35.Evolution does not progress toward a perfect organism; instead traits can __________ between different adaptations in response to changing environments.
36.Variations in traits influence an individual's ability to secure resources, influencing: (3 Words)
37.Over time, macroevolutionary changes in a population's allele frequency can lead to new __________.
40.All species use the same ___________ and the same 20 Amino acids. (2 Words)
41.The protein from the electron transport chain that we can compare between species to see how many amino acid differences there are (to help see how closely related they are). (2 Words)
42.Exchange of genetic material between populations. (2 Words)
43.The genetic change in a population over time.
44.Species concept based on common ancestry.
45.Analogous structures are an example of ________ evolution.
46.Small changes.
47.The splitting of one species into two or more species.
1.Were once incredibly effective at killing bacteria, but have been weakened in their ability to combat bacteria by evolutionary processes.
3.Variation for a trait, heritability, and differential reproductive success. (4 Words)
4.Mutations can create a new Allele in an individual, changing _____(2 words)______ in a population. (2 Words)
6.When some traits confer greater fitness because they are attractive to the opposite sex. (2 Words)
7.Mutations arise at __________.
9.When both extremes of phenotype are selected. (2 Words)
10.Darwin's book. (5 Words)
13.Offers physical evidence of past life. (2 Words)
15.When the intermediate phenotype is selected, like Lizard tails being "just the right length." (2 Words)
16.Large scale changes in life's panorama.
17.Change in allele frequency that occurs purely by chance. (2 Words)
20.A newly founded population has a different allele frequency. (2 Words)
22.Long before Darwin, people believed the Earth was:
24.Similar body parts that reflect shared ancestry. (2 Words)
26.It is a misconception that mutations arise when ___________.
27.The study of the distribution of species across the planet.
29.Species concept based on body form.
30.A result of natural selection is a population that is well adapted to its current ______(2 Words)______. (2 Words)
31.Fossils that demonstrate a link between groups of species believed to have shared a common ancestor. (2 Words)
34.In different habitats, the _________ for different traits will occur at different frequencies.
38.The Three Modes of Evolution allow natural selection to favor the intermediate, either extreme or both extremes of this:
39.The reproductive isolating mechanism that prevents offspring from being able to reproduce.

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