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Gastrointestinal System

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2.away from mouth
6.swallowing, the movement of chewed ingesta into the pharynx and esophagus
8.the caudal oral cavity that joins the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems
9.all of the steps involved in the conversion of nutrient material into living tissue
10.stomach upset or sensation of urge to vomit
14.excessive gas formation in the intestinal tract
15.vomiting, forcible expulsion of stomach contents through the mouth
19.the sacculations and longitudinal smooth muscle bands of the cecum and colon as found in swine and horses
20.poor absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract
25.an animal with a single compartment stomach
26.dietary supplements containing bacteria administered with the intent to establish or maintain normal intestinal flora
29.an artificial opening created between the rumen and the body surface (2 Words)
30.grasping of food
31.eating and licking unnatural substances, depraved appetite
32.accumulation of gas in the digestive tract, usuall the stomach or rumen
1.GDV (3 Words)
3.an animal that has a stomach with 4 compartments
5.telescoping of one part of the intestine into an adjacent part
7.intestinal calculus
11.icterus, yellow discoloration of skin, sclera and mucous membranes caused by elevated levels of bilirubin
12.abnormally large esophagus
13.wave of contractions of smooth muscles to propel food throught the intestines
16.lack of desire to eat
17.gas movement in the GI tract that produces a rumbling noise
18.the peritoneal fold attaching the intestine to the dorsal body wall
21.belching, the oral release of gas from the stomach
22.difficulty swallowing and eating
23.a muscular ring that controls the flow of contents through a tubular organ - GI includes esophageal, pyloric and anal
24.lack or loss of appetite
27.the microorganisms residing in the GI tract
28.black stools containing digested blood

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