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Path 3 Review (M/F Repro plus Breast)

OC Bunyard

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1.inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus
3._____ 16 has been indicated as one of the primary causes of vulvar cancer. (Acronym)
8.40 yo m co mass in rt testicle for 2 weeks. Pt states was a small “bump” noted 2 wks ago, but “bump” has doubled in size. The top of your DDx should be: (2 words) (2 Words)
9.Pheochromocytoma is a __________ of the adrenal gland.
11.What is a common pathology that causes older men to be unable to empty their bladders? (3 Words) (3 Words)
19.hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the ______
20.operation to pull the undescended testis down into the scrotum
22.Oversecretion of GH in a child leads to elongation of the long bones. This causes the child to be very tall. What is the type of tumor responsible for this pathology? (2 Words) (2 Words)
26.Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) would be MORE LIKELY to develop in this pathology of the parathyroid glands:
28.Inflammation of the testicle
32.A pathological opening on the dorsal side of the penis is a ______ while on the ventral aspect it is a ______. (2 Words)
34.What products in the blood and urine would you test for if you suspected a Pheo?
36.Staph aureus is the most common pathogen responsible for acute _______ of the breast
38.vaginal bleeding between menses
42.Inlfammation on the exterior of the female genitalia is known as
45.Electrolyte is specifically low in both DI and SIADH?
46.The most common cause of hypothyroidism is a (type of surgery):
48._________ is the Sx removal of the ovaries.
50.A 23-year-old pregnant female at approximately 12 weeks gestational age presents to the clinic for an ultrasound to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy. US shows the fetus, but there is no cardiac activity. What type of spontaneous abortion does this represent?
54.What is your next course of action for pt with small testicular bump?
55.Chlamydia trachomatis is the most CCA of acute ________
56.A germ cell tumor is known as a
57.Menses started then stopped equals secondary
58.Infection of the fallopian tube
2.Painful menses
4.Headaches, diaphoresis, and HTN are part of the classic triad of what disease?
5.What condition of an open duct that should be closed predisposes a person (especially men) to an inguinal hernias, hematocele, hydroceles, etc (3 Words)? (3 Words)
6.Paraphimosis is a complication of ________ __________ due to careless technique (2 Words)
7.The inability to retract the prepuce is known as:
10._______ ______ due to STDs or trauma are the pathology that causes younger men to be unable to empty their bladders. (2 Words)
12.Pituitary adenoma producing too much _____ is the pathophysiology of Cushing’s disease? (2 Words) (2 Words)
13.Which pathology of the adrenal gland is associated with hypertension, weight gain, and development of abdominal striae? The tumor marker Alpha Fetoprotein is MOST LIKELY elevated in which of the following cancers? (2 Words)
14.The tumor marker _____ is MOST LIKELY elevated in testicular cancer (2 words)? (2 Words)
15.Nipple retraction and skin erythema are abnormalities associated with ______ ______ (2 Words)
16.26 yo f co of malodorous vaginal discharge. PE confirms for positive "whiff" and microscopy reveals clue cells-what do you Dx? (2 Words)
17.Polydipsia, Polyuria, low osmolarity urine?
18.Inflammation of the glans and prepuce--ususally due to poor hygiene
21.The warts associated with HPV are known medically as: (2 Words)
23.A malignant pregnancy that does not develop normally due to abnormal chromosome distribution
24.Orchiectomy is the _______ _________ of the teste. (2 Words)
25.Metastatic cancer to the adrenal gland can cause adrenal failure, also known as: The tumor marker Alpha Fetoprotein is MOST LIKELY elevated in which of the following cancers? (2 Words)
27.Urine backs up into the kidneys causing:
29.What type of hernia is definitively a Sx emergency?
30.What is the most common histologic type of Breast cancer (2 Words)? (2 Words)
31.cells from uterine lining implant on other structures in the pelvis
33.What is a pregnancy that does not develop normally because of abnormal chromosome distribution? (2 Words)
35.What STD is associated with Condyloma lata?
37.What is the term used to describe the presence of extra nipples without breast tissue?
39.Blood in the scrotal sac
40.If you suspect a Pt has Vulvar cancer you should look for ________ in any vulvular regions and adjacent skin
41.hyper-reflexia, hypertension, proteinuria, generalized edema, plus seizures (convulsions) is what?
43.Overproduction of antidiuretic hormone leads to what syndrome?
44.23 yo f G1P0 presents for prenatal check-up. Currently at 36 wks of gestational age. Uterus is at the appropriate level for 36 weeks EGA and the cervix are closed. BP is 200/130, and she has edema of her lower extremities and hands. What urinalysis finding would you expect to find with this pt?
47.heavy menstrual bleeding
49.Nulliparity is considered a primary risk factor for endometriosis and breast ______
51.What is the most CCA of fallopian tubal inflammation and scarring
52.Never had menarche equals ______ amenorrhea
53.Ischemia due to twisting of blood supply causing pain in the testicle is likely testicular:

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