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Astronomy Quiz 4 Summer Ohio State

Charles Heflin

Study help for quiz 7/25/2012

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    50                       51 52          
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  56                       57          

4.Survive in 10 times salt concentration as ocean
6.Moves electrons
9.Hyperthermophiles die in these temperatures
12.On top of Core, made of silicate rock that can flow
13.Two types that are Rock and Iron and Rock and Ice (and other volatiles)
14.Earliest life was this
15.Radiometric dating gives 4.4 billion years to these (2 Words)
18.Endoliths reproduce ___ per century
19.700-1000 million years ago this happened (2 Words)
22.Organisms living at the highest temperatures, thrive at 121 C
23.Organisms that survive in extreme conditions, only organisms that could survive Earth's beginings
26.Composed of individual mineral grains packed together leaving small spaces between the grains
28.=energy input per kg of cells
30.Both types of planetesimals smash together, heat up, melt and then ______ to form the Earth. More Dense materials sink:less dense material floats
33.Prokaryotes tend to be ______ tolerant
34.The crust of the Earth is broken up into huge segments called lithospheric plates (2 Words)
35.A bacterial species that can survive high doses of radiation, fully repair in 24 hours (2 Words)
37.=Rotation+free electrons+convection (2 Words)
38.Organisms that survive in extremely cold conditions
39.Live several kilometers below the surface of Earth in the water in the pores of rock
42.Gas molecules formed solid grains by this
45.These come from frost belt
48.Center of Earth made of iron. Half Eart radius
50.Rock that has been formed under high pressure or heat
51.Rock made from molten rock that cools and solidifies
53.Time for half of the atoms to decay (2 Words)
55.Allow organisms to create a barrier that allows them to go dormant under extreme conditions, even vacuums of space
56.HDO, with the D=
57.Hail from the outer solar system and have lots of water as ice
58.Stirred up the asteroid belt
1.=1 inch per year (3 Words)
2.Nuggets of material that melted and cooled quickly
3.DNA life may have arisen from an earlier _____ world
5.Gradual rearranging of continents (2 Words)
7.The more radioactive the ______ the half life
8.Occurred during first billion years of solar system (3 Words)
10.Life from non-living matter
11.Thrive in toxic waste dumps
15.Simulate a energized water pool with early atmosphere gases that combined methane, ammonia, hydrogen and mixed in water (3 Words)
16.In the 2010 Miller Urey experiment 23 amino acids were produced with it being the first appearance of these containing amino acids
17.If a nucleus has too many or too few neutrons it is unstable to this (2 Words)
20.How Thermophiles survive, unique not warped shape
21.This became our Sun, the planets, the asteroids, the comets, the entire solar system. Collapsing rotating interstellar cloud (2 Words)
22.Oldest Eon on Earth
24.Volcanoes, mountain building, earthquakes, folding, faults are the result of this (2 Words)
25.Strip atmosphere with charged particles (2 Words)
27.Gradual compression of sediments creates this rock
29.Radiation renders this
31.Oldest rocks known
32.Organisms that survive in extremely hot water. Hot springs, deep sea vents
36.Layered rocks, colonies of microbes
40.Earth seeded by life from elsewhere in the universe
41.Formed the first oceans and atmosphere
43.How the Earth is protected from UV Radiation (2 Words)
44.Extremeophiles live without oxygen, making them this
46.On top of mantle, where we live
47.Distance = 3 AU (2 Words)
49.Type of Rock Produced by undersea volcanoes
52.The study of Earth
54._____ current will produce a magnetic field

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