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simple plant and animal tissue 2


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1.The type of connective tissue that contain much more densely packed fibers and some are calcified.
4.Fibers in the matrix provide ................. to the tissue.
6.The type of connective tissue that have distinctive populations of cells suspended in a watery matrix that contains dissolved proteins.
7.Major function of the lymph tissue.
8.The type of connective tissue that have viscous ground substance and many extracellular fibers rather than the cells.
9.The connective tissue that has no blood vessel or avascular.
10.The major classes of connective tissue contains an undifferentiated cell type whose name ends in...
11.Also known as white blood cells.
12.They have a glistening white appearance and called "white fibers".
13.Type of loose connective tissue that serve as a general packaging material. (2 Words)
2.They form a delicate branching network supporting soft organs such as the liver and spleen.
3.One of basic component of connective tissue. (2 Words)
5.The hardest tissue in human body.
7.The connective tissue that have primary collagenous fibers which are tightly packed and arranged parallel to each other. (2 Words)
9.This type of tissue can be far apart, separated by extracellular matrix or extracellular material.

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