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1.The soldiers must of been ______.
4.Soldiers had courage and _______.
9.Many men shaved because of this
11.Soldiers were _______ because their missed family or loved ones.
13.Australia was part of the _______ forces
16.This was in the bottom of the trenches
17.What equipment did they use to build the trenches?
19.Every soldier had to wear this
21.Soldiers are working for the ______ _____.
23.The soldiers had to go through ________ before going to war
24.This was very limited (as well as food)
2.AIF stands for...
3.What did soldiers write to back home?
5.You would get shot with a _____ if you peep over the trench
6.What were the first thing soldiers did when they arrived in Gallipoli?
7.Soldiers rested in this
8.Australians went to _______ to train
10.It was a ____ against Australia and Turkey so the England can get to France.
12.You would get this if you didn't stay clean
13.The thing to place on the top of the trenches for protection
14.Most of the time soldiers were ______.
15.The knife on the end of a gun is a ______.
18.Most of the people joined the army because of the _______.
20.Where did the soldiers stay most of the time
22.This animals grew to the size of a cat

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