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Christianity Quiz

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1.The doctrine of the ___ says that the one God is manifested in three "persons": Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
5.This movement in modern Christianity emphasizes healing the divisions among churches and increasing cooperation among them.
8.This branch of branch Protestantism emphasizes the ecstatic gifts of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues.
9.This church leader, who wrote an autobiography called Confessions, helped shaped Christian teachings, including the doctrine of original sin.
10.The Protestant Reformers reemphasized the Apostle Paul’s teaching of "justification by ___."
11.Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed the Jewish apocalyptic teaching that the “___ of God” was near.
12.The rituals of this branch of Christianity emphasize emphasizes the experience of God’s holy presence.
2.The two main festivals in the Christian year revolve around Jesus' birth and his ___.
3.The Council of ___ was the first to say that that Christ was “begotten, not made, of the same substance with the Father..."
4.Black and feminist theology are branches within a larger modern Christian movement known as ___ theology.
6.To the teaching of “heaven” and “hell” Catholicism adds a place of purification after death called ___.
7.According to Protestant Reformers, the only sacraments instituted by Christ were the Lord’s Supper and ___.

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