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HIM 112--Medical Coding

Ms Crystal


Medical Terminology for HIM112.

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1.Opaque covering on or in the lens is called a ____.
8.breatk in a bone is a called.
11.Prefix meaning larynx
13.Prefix meaning posterior temporal bone
14.The process of cleasing or removing dead tissue is called.
15.A concretion of minerial salts, also called a stone.
17.Maxillary sinus
20.Electrode of the pace maker is placed only in the atrium or only in the ventricle, but in both places. This device is called a __ __ __.
22.Divert or make an artificial passage is known as a .
23.Lymph nodes located in the armpit are ___ ___.
26.Prefix meaning ear.
29.In front of
30.Prefix meaning tongue
31.Membranous sac enclosing the heart and ends of the great vessels is.
33.Lead attached to a generator that carries the electrical current from the generator to the atria or ventricles is called a.
35.Localized collection of pus is called.
37.Artifical opening between the jejunum and the abdominal wall.
38.Displacement of a bone from its normal location in a joint is called.
39.2nd layer of skin
2.A sac of clotted blood or fluid formed in the circulatory system ( ie vein or artery).
3.Part of the endocrine system, a gland that produces hormones that regulate metabolism is.
4.Toward the midline of the body is ____.
5.Prefix meaning lung or air.
6.Tumor on a pedicle that bleeds easily an may become malignant is called.
7.Pertaining to the stomach and instestine.
9.Artificial opening between the colon and the abdominal wall.
10.Produces a hormone to mobiliz calcium from the bones to the blood is the___.
12.Inspection of body organs or cavities using a lighted scope that may be placed through an existing opening or through a small incision is called an.
16.Closed sac containing matter or fluid
18.Surgical puncture of the thoracic cavity, usually using a needle, to remove fluids.
19.Surgical immobilization of a joint is.
21.Fracture treatment when site is not surgically opened and visualized is called.
24.Artifical opening between the ileum and the abdominal wall is the__.
25.Prefix meaning kidney.
28.Vess that carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the body tissues is called the.
32.Removal of small piece of living tissue for diagnostic purposes is called.
34.To go around.
36.External femal genitalia, including labia major, labia minora, clitoris, and vaginal opening is the .....

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