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Lesson One Vocabulary- Part 1

Mrs. Leschyn

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3.Anything that is accepted as payment for a good or service
4.A citizen of one country who lives in another country
8.Work you will pay to have done such as cleaning or repair work
10.The process of learning how to participate in a group, accept the values of a group, and learning the rules of behavior in it
14.Certain ideas that people trust are true
15.The belief that members of one's own race are superior to other races
16.A place or situation where an exchange of goods or services takes place such as a store, shop or stock exchange
1.Physical products such as food and clothing
2.Specific expectations about what our behavior should be
5.The condition of everyone having the same rights and opportunities
6.A system of government where the power is shared by all the people
7.People who move from one country to make their homes in another country
9.Persons who use or consume goods or services to satisfy their wants and needs
12.A person who has seen events or heard conversation related to a court case, or who has special information who might settle a case
13.The ability to say what you want, go where you want and do what you want

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