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It's All Greek To Me!

Dallas Dent

For Greek Mythology Buffs

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5.Poseidon's Magic Stick
7.Can You Spare An Eye?
8.Swimming Hole For The Dead
9.I Have Medusa's Head In My Closet!
13.She Will Hunt You Down
15.King of All Gods
16.He Has a Lot On His Shoulders
17.Who's The Dude with The Bulging Muscles?
18.This Lady Can Drive A Guy Crazy
19.This Guy has HOT breath
21.Out Dated, No Longer Used
22.Man In The Mirror
23.Goddess of Beauty and Love
24.Lady With A Stone Cold Stare
1.Hercules Became This After Hydra Exposure
2.God of War
3.Father With A Strange Appetite
4.Fashion of Greece
6.No Bull, I Killed The Minotaur!
10.To Move Like A Wave
11.Great Teacher of Greek Mythology
12.Full of Life
14.He's Dying To Meet You
15.Highest Point
20.Largest Mountain In Greece

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