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Slumdog Millionare

Zain Soemya

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1.Who invented the first commercially-successful revolver? (2 Words)
5.Where do Jamal and Salim pretend to be tour guides?
6.He is the gangster who tricks children into becoming beggars
8.Does the host of the show feed Jamal the right or wrong answer?
10.What is the real name of the actor who played Jamal? (2 Words)
11.Jamal is accused of __, so he is being interrogated by the police.
12.How many awards did the movie recieve?
13.What weapon does Lord Rama hold in his right hand?
17.what was the budget of the movie?
18.The movie is set in the country of _______.
19.Which Indian poet wrote the song 'Darshan Do Ghanshyam'?
20.What is the main charcters name?
2.Where does Jamal ask Latika to meet him?
3.What is the name of the book this movie based on?
4.Who does Latika marry?
7.Who does Jamal call when he uses his lifeline "phone a friend"?
9.Who directed the movie? (2 Words)
14.What country are the two tourists from, that get all their stuff stolen from the car whilst Jamal shows them the river?
15.Maman__ the children in order to make them more profitable as singing beggars.
16.In Alexander Dumas' book 'The Three Musketeers', two of the musketeers are called Athos an

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