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Depletion of ozone

Joven,Jason,Andaru and Brenda

To let people solve and understand whats causing the deplete the ozone layer

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1.One of the consequences of ozone depletion is impacted on?
5.ozone protects us from?
6.The worst thing ozone depletion can cause for animal species is?
9.In what regions does the ozone deplete the most?
12.The gradual destruction of the ozone layer is?
13.What does ozone depletion cause?
14.Ozone layer act as a _________ around the Earth
15.The substance in CFC that is proven to destroy ozone molecules is?
2.What does global warming means?
3.What will happen to ice?
4.The treaty that requires developed countries to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions in 1997
7.Substance that`s identified as the main cause of ozone depletion
8.CFC is usually use in?
10.The increase of ultraviolet radiation can cause?
11.Periods of abnormally hot weather gives out?

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