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Pathology Review Ex 3 Pt II

OC Bunyard

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3.Which cancer forms from striated (skeletal) muscle and is most commonly found in children?
5.Which neurodegenerative disease is characterized by demyelination of the peripheral nervous system?
9.benign tumor of the ear caused by Birth defect or Chronic infection. Neg pressure in middle ear pulls in squamous cells, forms a cyst. breakdown of the cyst can lead to vertigo and hearing loss
11.Kernicterus is generally due to a high neonatal _______
13.heavy scale buildup on their back and arms.What may be the cause of these symptoms?(2 words)
15.Which is the Auto-immune disorder involving demyelination of peripheral nerves. Sensory changes in hands/feet Later muscle weakness/paralysis and may be due to an illness or vaccination
18.STAT ophthamologist referral,pt presents with inflammation of iris and ciliary body presenting with eye pain, and photophobia. what is a likely Dx?
20.What is the SECOND MOST COMMON type of malignant bone tumor in children?
22.A 23-year-old male presents with fever, chills, headache, and nuchal rigidity, and the following Cloudy CSF, low glucose, elevated protein. You suspect that he may have ____
25.What hormone appears to be related to osteoporosis?
26.Where does Ewing’s sarcomas typically arise?
28.Which intracranial hemorrhage is often a result of damage to the middle meningeal artery from a temporal bone fracture?
29.A lesion or trauma on the right side of the optic tract would cause a _____ ________ __________ (3 Words)
30.Eye condition Which Is associated with electrical burns
32.non-serious, often transient condition, in which Dr. Castro said WHOA! a lot when describing her experience with it. Usually specific movement induced.
36.What is the name of the procedure that MUST be performed STAT for the condition in which the orbit is swollen due to Bleeding from trauma, anti-coagulation, etc?
37.Which neurodegenerative disease is characterized by demyelination of the white matter (oligodendroglial cells) of the brain? (2 words)
40.pt with basilar skull fracture and "racoon eyes" what is this condition called?
42.Exposure to ________ ______ in utero can cause cataracts, hydrocephalus, encephalopathy, meningoencephalitis, and cerebral mass lesions
43.55 yo MN WD, W m, co confusion, hallucinations, confabulation, and memory loss. S/S' nystagmus, ataxia, hepatomegaly, strong odor of alcohol and vomitus present. what vitamin should you immediately provide?
44.tumor of the kidney, most likely to occur in infants
46.Trauma and surgery on the bones are the most common cause in the US for adults of this bone disease
47.What is the MOST COMMON type of malignant bone tumor in children?
48.Which neurodegenerative disease is characterized by a loss of pigmented neurons in the substantia nigra of the midbrain?
49.Imperfecta Which skeletal disorder is a result of a hereditary condition characterized by abnormal development of type I collagen?
1.most common cause in the US of bone disease in children
2.is a condition in children caused by bilirubin buildup
4.Which skeletal muscles disease is a X-linked recessive disorder that affects young boys between the ages of 3-5 years of age
6.The proper name for Lou Gehrig's disease is? (3 words)
7.Condition in children caused by blood-borne infection of the bone
8.Condition in children caused by abnormal retina
10.Eye condition Which Has loss of central vision and Causes wavy lines when viewing a grid?
12.to which specialty to you refer a pt with periorbital ecchymosis?
14.Episodic vertigo that lasting 1 to several hours, May recur after a few days,Sensori-neural hearing loss for low-frequency sounds,Tinnitus
16.An epidural ______ ______ is classically associated with immediate loss of consciousness, followed by an interval of consciousness, then rapid deterioration.
17.Eye condition Which Is due to too much oxygen
19.Where does Ewing’s sarcomas typically arise?
21.abnormal growth of cartilage
22.What is the acronym for the 5 cancers that most commonly metastasize to the bone?
23.disease spread by flies in which interior of eyelid is scarred and eyelash turns in scratching and causing blindness
24.Is ichthyosis congenita Autosomal dominant or recessive?
27.Which neurodegenerative disease is autosomal dominant, affects the caudate nucleus of the basal ganglia, and causes choreiform movments?(2 words)
30.What is the term for the jerky movements of Parkinsons known as? (2words)
31.Condition in children caused by inadequate Vit D or phosphorus
33.tumor of the vestibulocochlear nerve
34.Autoimmune disorder of neuromuscular junction Characterized by muscle weakness, antibodies are directed against acetylcholine (Ach) receptors
35.Child with high neonatal bilirubin may need speech therapy, and physical therapy for ______
38.Bitemporal hemianopsia can be caused by a lesion at the _______ _______
39.65 yo f co pn in both elbow joints, what should you already be thinking about between Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis?
41.Which intracranial hemorrhage involves injury to the brain itself, and may continue to develop for days to weeks after an accident?
45.MS can be characterized by sensory abnormalities such as parasthesia and blurry vision, motor abnormalities such as weakness, unsteady gait, or both?

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