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Path 3 final words--the ones not covered

OC Bunyard

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6.slightly elevated, small enduration of skin Ex: eczema
7.defect or erosion of the epidermis Ex: syphilitic chancre on genitalia
9.keratin layers that cover the skin in flakes/sheets, & can be easily scraped away
10.Impaired maturation of cartilage in the developing growth plate
11.Obstructed tear duct + infection
14.vesicle filled c pus Ex: Impetigo, bacterial infection
18.atrophic thinning and drying or hyperplastic thickening of vulvar tissue (3 Words)
19.Hypertrophy of myometrium, uterine wall becomes thickened Might also have leiomyomas (fibroids) or endometriosis S/S Menorrhagia and Dysmenorrhea
20.Common benign tumor of uterine smooth muscle aka fibroids
21.similar to papule, but larger Ex: pigmented nevi/moles that are slightly raised
22.flat lesion; not raised/depressed, usually c a change in color Ex: freckle
23.small aneurysms, often in Circle of Willis Sudden, severe headache, vomiting, followed by coma sometimes associated with polycystic kidney disease (2 Words)
25.superficial skin defect caused by scratching Skin disease that itches a lot may result in this
26.Meibomian gland obstruction no infection
1.Bleeding into orbit causing increased ICP due to trauma, anti-coagulants, etc (2 Words)
2.Brain presses into cerebellar space creating pressure on the CN III and the pyramidal tract.S/S ipsilateral pupil dilatation, and contralateral hemiparesis or hemiplegia. (2 Words)
3.Ductal carcinoma involving the nipple, May or may not have a palpable mass Nipple itching or burning Eczematoid, crusted lesion of the nipple areola (5 Words)
4.Hair follicle/sweat gland infection Agents Stap aureus
5.Hematoma under the skin, separating it from cartilage (cartilage then looses blood supply, and atrophies) (2 Words)
8.fluid-filled elevation of epidermis Ex: herpes
12.When the brain is displaced because of a hematoma or edema, it is pushed downward across the _____ ______ (2 Words)
13.similar to macule, but larger Ex: skin rash from measles (3 Words)
15.large vesicle Ex: severe burns c large blisters
16.unusual, cancer arising from myometrium; does NOT arise from leiomyoma Usually solitary lesions Recurrence after removal is common
17.sharp-edged defect in dermis that extends into deeper layers of skin Crust : skin defect covered c coagulated plasma or blood Ex: healing wounds
24.The most common form of brain herniation and is called _______ or Transtentorial Herniation

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