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Computer Terms

Mrs. Jackson

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2.Read only memory that is stored on the computer and cannot be altered
6.Retrieving files or programs previously stored on the computer
7.installing programs or files onto the computer
10.Input device that allows you to type data into the computer
11.Program used for creating works for display, advertisement, etc such as flyers, business cards, banners, cards, etc
13.Rights the owner has to reproduce, sale, or perform works for pay
19.Output device that displays output from the computer in hardcopy
21.Temporary memory that only runs when the computer is on and can be altered
23.Program used for creating documents
24.Electronically communicating using the computer
25.Worlds largest database of a collection of networks that communicate with one another
26.Output device that plays sound from the computer that can be heard by a large group
27.Output device that displays information from the computer to large groups
28.Programs written for the computer
1.Small pictures on the desktop that opens to files or programs
3.Input device used for clicking
4.Reproducing copyrighted works by others other than the original owner for pay
5.Sending mean messages over the internet
8.Output device that plays sound from the computer for personal use
9.First initial screen you see when the computer has been booted up that has icons displayed
12.Starting the computer
14.Blinking light displayed on the computer that tells you where you would begin typing
15.Output display device for the computer
16.Program used for creating presentations
17.Performs calculations for the computer; often called the computer brains.
18.Program used for mathematical functions
20.Physical computer devices
22.Malicious program used to corrupt files or destroy programs on the computer

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