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ANS 205 quiz 8 study puzzle

Kathryn Kania

This puzzle covers the lectures Immune system and Endocrinology.

have fun!

1   2          
3 4                   5           6    
  8                 9                
        10   11
    12 13 14       15                
  16                       17      
        18   19                    
20         21                    
  22                         23                    
27 28   29     30 31
            33     34
    35                       36        
  37           38                    
    39       40                            
      42                     43            
44         45             46                 47     48          
      50                   51 52          
        54                       55                
    56 57        
        58   59       60
61               62     63                                    
      64                           65  
66     67                    
  68                   69            

1.the __ immune response involves lymphocytes, and form memories
4.a gland that produces oxytocin, growth hormone, and ACTH
5.this __ lobe is also called the NEUROHYPOPHYSIS
8.the __ route is how hormones produced by the cell regulate the activity of the cell that produced the hormone
9.the __ route is how hormones pass through the gap junctions (between) cells and alter functions of adjacent cells
14.antibody for antiviral, antitoxin, and antibacterial
15.the __ route is how a hormone is secreted into the space in between cells and the interstitial fluid carries them to the target organ (hormones often effect neighboring cells)
16.first line of defense against foreign particles; the physical barrier.
19.the __ route is how a hormone is transported via the blood to the target organ
20.this __ lobe is also called the ADENOHYPOPHYSIS
22.__-__ is the increase in hormone receptors on target cell
23.the __ route is how hormones diffuse through synaptic clefts similar to neurotransmitters
24.__ __ are responsible for cellular immune response
25.__ decreases blood calcium levels
26.an endocrine organ that releases a lot of "releasing hormones" like gonadotropin releasing hormone, corticotropin releasing hormone, and thyroid releasing hormone.
32.response of tissue to injury
35.pancreas releases this to slow mobilization and production of nutrients
37.antibody for early immune responses, blood cell antigens
38.when antibodies (or ability to make antibodies) are available for a particular antigen
39.__ is when the thyroid swells to produce more hormone (a goiter may present)
41.these hormone producing glands are on top of the kidneys
42.parathyroid hormone __ blood calcium levels
43.t cells differentiate into t cytotoxic cells, OR t __ cells.
44.non-classical hormones that act in a paracrine fashion; they are chemical derivatives of fatty acids
46.the pineal gland produces __
50.__ hormones have receptors located in the cytosol or nucleus of target cell
52.__ __ are responsible for humoral immune response
53.chemical messengers of inflammation that are released as a second line of defense (nonspecific)
54.a gland that usually exists in 2 pairs on each side of another gland; works on body's Ca and P levels
55.complex of protein structures designed to bind a hormone to elicit its cellular effects (found in cell membrane or nucleus)
61.amine hormones are biochemical modifications of the amino acid __
62.the anterior lobe of the pituitary produces ACTH. what do these letters stand for?
64.from adrenals, regulates sodium and potassium levels in the blood
66.antibody needed for maturation of B cells
67.antibody that's part of allergic reactions
68.lutenizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and __ are produced by the posterior pituitary and are involved in the regulation of reproductive processes
69.chemical substance that is produced by a ductless gland, released into the blood stream, and carried to other parts of the body where they produce a specific regulatory effect
70.parathyroid hormone promotes the formation of __ _ in kidney, which promotes the absorption of Calcium from the digestive tract
71.leukocyte __ is the signaling of leukocytes to come to a specific area that has been injured (complement proteins do this)
2.an example of a steroid hormone
3.__ receptors in the uterus are increased before giving birth (estrogen stimulates this increase)
4.the parathyroid hormone increases excretion of __ in urine
6.__ is an example of an NSAID that works to inhibit prostaglandin effects of inflammation
7.molecules that stimulate an immune response
10.thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormone and __
11.protein hormone; receptors for these are located in cell membranes
12.ADH (anti-diuretic) is produced by the posterior pituitary, and is involved in __ function
13.the __ gland regulates day/night cycles, as well as seasonal breeding cycles etc.
17.b and t cells are produced in the __ __
18.these hormone-like fatty acid derivatives are a subclass of the eicosanoids, and are inhibited by NSAIDs
21.decreases blood glucose by stimulating glucose uptake into tissues
27.__ releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, stimulates the release of TSH from the anterior pituitary
28.this method of immunity trains the animal to produce antibodies before exposure to the "real" antigen
29.__ is the condition where the thyroid is underactive. symptoms involve cold and lethargy
30.a gland that produces hormones containing iodine
31.__ immunity is achieved temporarily, by the transfer of immunoglobulins or T cells
32.antibody that protects mucous membranes and surfaces
33.__ immunity is achieved by the response of one's own immune system
34.hormone from pancreas increases blood glucose
38.protection against foreign entities
40.hyperparathyroidism can lead to __ in young animals.
42.an example of a peptide hormone
45.humoral immune response is related to __
48.two things determine the magnitude of the effect a hormone has: one is amount of hormones present, and the other is the amount of __ present to receive the hormones
49.epinephrine and norepinephrine are __ produced by the adrenals
51.diets low in calcium will stimulate the release of ___ hormone.
53.t killer cells are release __ material into foreign cells to kill them
56.cholesterol precursor, 4 ring structure
57.the center of the adrenal gland
58.the part of the adrenal gland that produces glucocorticoids
59.parathyroid hormone will __ blood Phosphorus
60.__ is a fairly new addition to the endocrine system; it has hormones involved in weight maintenance and satiety
63.the __ route is how a hormone is secreted to the exterior of teh body where it interacts with a target organ (ex: hormones secreted into the lumen of digestive tract)
65.T cells differentiate in the __

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