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A PTA Program includes.....

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1.peripheral nerve innervating the hamstring group
4.syndrome of adrenal dysfunction producing excessive cortisol and resulting in a "moon shaped" face and a "buffalo hump"
7.one of the modalities contraindicated for patients who have a pacemaker
8.empty endfeels are commonly/typically due to this
9.high frequency, low duration, low intensity are parameters associated with this type of TENS
10.patient position for MMT of the middle trapezius
11.abnormal, involuntary, rhythmic oscillation of the eyes; typically accompanied by vertigo
13.the drop in blood pressure occurring when moving to an upright posture is _______ hypotension
14.the minimum intensity of an electrical stimulation that will result in a muscle contraction
19.sensation from the ______ side of the hand enters the spinal cord at the C8 dorsal root
20.movement most limited in the capsular pattern for the shoulder
24.lobe of the brain involved/damaged with “neglect” syndrome
26.a PNF technique involving slow and resisted concentric contractions of agonists and antagonists around a joint without a rest in
28.a FIM score of 5 typically indicates that the patient required ________ or set-up for completion of the task
32.wound dressings that are derived from seaweed and used to absorb large amounts of exudate
35.landmark commonly used in the assessment of leg length
36.in the Kubler-Ross stages of grieving this comes after denial
40.minimum width of a doorway in inches according to ADA accessibility requirements
41.total volume of air inspired and expired during quiet breathing
43.according to the Nagi model, limitations in strength, ROM, balance in which the frame of reference is the tissue/organ/body system would be considered ___________
44.a patient just learning to use bilateral loftstrand crutches would probably ambulate using this pattern
45.gait deviation commonly caused by weakness of the hip abductors
2.ethical principle requiring that the wishes of competent individuals be honored - can also be referred to as self-determination
3.massage technique that involves lifting and kneading of tissues
4.exercise used to lengthen the head on neck extensors and strengthen the head on neck flexors
5.open chain upper extremity dynamic movements would work on this level of motor control
6.category of antihypertensive drug that works by decreasing heart rate and contractility. Tenormin and Lopressor are examples
12.ascending path/track that transmits pain & temperature signals from the body to the brain
14.abbreviation for a type of HKAFO that uses a cable system to assist with the advancement of the LE's during gait
15.abbreviation for primitive reflex that prepares infants for achieving quadraped but must integrate before the baby can become a mature creeper
16.type of aphasia caused by damage to the left frontal lobe and described as "non-fluent"
17.muscle that originates on the transverse processes of the c-spine and inserts into the vertebral border of the scapula near the superior angle
18.pressure tolerant area of the transtibial amputee's residual limb for weight bearing within the prosthetic socket
21.Parkinson's Disease is most often associated with a deficiency in this neurotransmitter
22.other name for "toe off" in the gait cycle using Rancho Los Amigos terminology
23.completing full ROM in a gravity-eliminated position is equivalent to this MMT grade
25.primary muscle being targeted for stretching during a classic "corner stretch"
27.cranial nerve involved in Bell's Palsy
29.the handgrip for crutches should align with this bony landmark
30.one of the sign/symptoms of an upper motor neuron lesion
31.as opposed to "twitch", this results when using e-stim for muscle re-education at a frequency of >30pps
33.location of the goniometer axis when measuring wrist radial/ulnar deviaion
34.a special test utilized during the initial examination process by the PT to identify an ACL tear
37.movement that should typically be avoided by patients with spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis
38.type of AFO that controls IV/EV but allows for normal DF/PF
39.identifying that the targeted tissue to treat using ultrasound is DEEP vs superficial would require adjusting what parameter?
42.the most common class of lever system in the body

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