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3.Appeals mostly to dispersed audiences with network access and a need to share real-time content quickly and inexpensively.
5.May be suitable for complex or difficult tasks that will be performed frequently and may have significant consequences when performed incorrectly
6.Should comply with company guidelines as to quality, size and color palette and should directly relate to learning objectives for the course.
8.Uses a limited number of exercises that mirror real-world experiences
11.These components provide performance information that helps associates perform their daily job-related tasks.
14.Used when building behavioral skills, such as sales or interviewing
16.Uses real-life application software usage by offering "Show Me," "Try Me," "Teach Me" and "Test Me"
17.Media team manages learning solutions from end- to-end – (a one-stop shop)
1.May not always be appropriate for complex content
2.One-way communication stream with consistent messaging to reduce variability in delivery.
4.May require a facilitator guide, a participant guide, hand-outs and job-aids. It may also include role plays, simulations and videos.
7.Are useful where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly.
9.May not be appropriate for high-level, non-complex subject matter.
10.Uses a standard template
12.A one-way communication stream built using LOB supplied PPT deck with needed modification or adjustments.
13.Teaching an audience where participants need to learn repetitive tasks by being engaged and exploring course content from different perspectives
15.May not be appropriate for a course with time or budget constraints.

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