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ANS 205 quiz 10 material

Kathryn Kania

This puzzle covers the Renal and Repro lectures.

1 2 3   4         5   6       7   8       9      
      10 11       12
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43 44                         45 46
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  59       60                    
        61               62
63         64       65                          
    66   67     68          
69                   70             71     72
          73             74            
75                     76                 77          
78             79                       80        
  81   82                        
                83         84  
89               90        

3.the center/inner portion of the kidney
5.renal pelvis is the wide origin of __
7.part of the nephron that includes the Glomerulus and bowman's capsule
13.the sow has __ shaped ovaries
14.__ hormone deals with the excretion of Phosphorus, and formation of active vitamin D
16.the __ nephron is excretory
20.kidney is embedded in __ and tissue
21.follicular development happens during __
22.the renal __ is the medial aspect where the ureter and vessels exit
23.hormone of female reproduction that includes FSH and LH; secreted by anterior pituitary
24.expulsion of urine from the bladder, aka urination
26.__ __ are the site of spermatogenesis
28.attached to uterus
30.__ follicles are mature ovarian follicles in which the oocyte attains its full size
31.form of estrogen in the pregnant
34.instance during gestation, after migration in uterus, that allows spacing for multiple embryos in litter bearing animals (or just for that one embryo to get the "best spot" in terms of blood flow)
36.placenta blood exchange classification where chorion has direct contact with uterus blood vessels (carnivores)
37.shape of kidney in horse
39.excessive thirst
41.placenta blood exchange classification where fetal vessels in pools of maternal blood (humans and rodents)
42.shape of kidney in human
44.principle organ of renal system
47.the capillary tuft of the kidney's nephron; high blood pressure drives water and solutes out of the blood here
48.the establishment of milk production
49.third and final stage of parturition: passage of __
51.excessive thirst and urination, but normal glucose levels in urine. this disorder is due to not enough ADH
53.the __ __ is the site of the ruptured follicle; it produces progesterone
55.hormone produced by corpus luteum of ovary, placenta, and adrenal cortex. It promotes endometrial gland growth
56.the __ kidney is the most firmly attached, and most cranial of the two (opposite in humans)
59.__ hormone from the posterior pituitary increases water reabsorption
61.oocyte released and swept into uterine tubes; requires LH
63.AKA fallopian tubes or uterine tubes, these tubes lead eggs from the ovaries to the uterus
65.placenta exchange site classification; placenta will attach and exchange at placentomes (cotyledon + carnucles) in ruminants
68.__ % of CRF patients have the disease as a result of diabetes
69.form of estrogen in the non-pregnant
70.placenta exchange site classification; placenta will attach like girdle (carnivores)
73.a phase in gestation that deals with the forming of the placenta
75.placenta blood exchange classification where chorion had direct contact with uterus (most domestic animals)
77.outer portion of the kidney
79.renal tubules specialize mainly in __
80.in cow and horse the mammary glands are very close together and form an __
81.placenta exchange site classification where chorionic villi attach all over endometrium (mare and sow)
83.the cycle between the beginning of one heat to the beginning of the next heat.
85.the loop of __ is a renal tubule that functions to establish a concentration gradient in the medulla of the kidney
86.the __ nephron concentrates urine
87.the cow has __ shaped ovaries
88.peptide hormone that promotes enzymatic activation required for milk synthesis
89.__ cells secrete testosterone
90.mammary glands are modified __ glands
1.shape of kidney in ox
2.giving birth
4.a procedure to filter the blood externally, when the kidneys no longer can do so.
6.milk is excreted into the lumen of the alveoli by the process of __
8.part of the nephron that is not the glomerulus or bowman's capsule is the __ __
9.__ __ __ (3 words) is the gradual loss of the kidneys' ability to filter waste and fluids from the blood
10.ovarian __ are where the oocyte developes
11.first of three stages in parturition: uterine contractions put fetus into position, ends when the __ __. (2 words)
12.milk is produced by epithelial cells of __ of mammary gland
15.steroid hormone that promotes development and function of male accessory organs
17.spermatids are produced via __
18.10 % of CRF patients have the disease as a result of a disease called ____
19.a hollow sphere of cells formed during an early stage of embryonic development in animals. The __ is created when the zygote undergoes the cell division process known as cleavage.
25.the __ __ collects fluid from the "capillary tuft" in the nephron
27.organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply.
29.the bladder has __ epithelium which allows for it to fill (and stretch without pain)
32.hormone of female reproduction that's produced by ovaries, placenta and adrenal cortex that increases secretory activity of uterine ducts
33.a renal tubule that leads from bowman's capsule to loop of henle. reabsorption of water, salt, glucose, and amino acids.
35.hormone produced by the kidney that promotes red blood cell formation in bone marrow
38.layer of placenta that encloses the cavity and fetus
40.hormone that allows alveoli to contract, forcing milk into the cisterns
43.a symptom of abnormal kidney function
45.second stage of the three stages of parturition: __ of fetus
46.the __ loop of ... renal tubule is impermeable to water and actively pumps Na out
49.excessive urination
50.the milk __ reflex is stimulated by suckling or conditioning (like in dairy cows)
51.__ __ is a disorder that has the symptoms of excessive thirst and excessive urination, along with abnormally high levels of glucose in urine
52.the bladder is made of __ muscle
54.__ is a hormone involved in maintaining blood pressure, helps maintain blood volume, and stimulates aldosterone
57.phase in gestation where the blastula attaches to the uterine epithelium
60.a renal tubule where active transport moves ions against gradient (depending on hormones involved)
62.functional unit of the kidney; filters blood, excretes urine
64.this animal requires coitus to stimulate the ovulation reflex
66.milk proteins and lactose form __ in the lumen of alveoli
67.the __ loop of ... renal tubule is permeable to water and impermeable to salt
71.the renal system makes up __% of total body weight, but receives 20-25% of cardiac output
72.the follicular phase where the animal is sexually receptive. "in heat"
74.hormone that promotes secretion of potassium, reabsorption of sodium and water, and results in improved blood volume
76.glands that produce hormones, also where the eggs develop.
78.birth canal
79.the __ system maintains your body's internal salt and water balance, electrolytes, acids and base balance, and produces and excretes urine.
81.placenta exchange site classification; placenta is disc shaped (humans)
82.this hormone (abbr) promotes spermatogenesis
84.place for development of fetus
86.this animal has kidney shaped ovaries

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