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Wound and Skin

Thomas Leong

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3.the stratum layer found underneath the corneum on palms of hands and soles of feet
4.Name of the corpuscles of touch
8.These nerve endings are corpuscles which are sensitive to pressure
9.The final phase of wound healing
11.projections of the surface of the dermis
14.main supportive protein of skin, bone, tendon, connective tissue, and cartilage
15.protrusion of intestines through the an incision after dehiscence
16.Death of tissue
17.Phase of wound healing where Fibroblasts enter the wound
19.necrotic or devitalised tissue
20.the Dermis is composed of Macrophages, Fibroblasts and.....
21.Scar Raised above the normal surface of the skin
22.removal of fereign material or devitalised tissue
23.This type of tissue contains collagen fibers and glycoproteins
24.this type of scar extemds beyond the boudries of the original wound
1.The amount of this pigment determines the colour of the skin
2.engulfing microorganisms and foreign particles by this type of cell
5.formation or discharge of pus
6.Melanin filled clusters, yellowish of brown macules
7.During the proliferative phase, the tissue filing the wound is called?
10.Opening of a sutured wound
12.formation of new blood vessels
13.Allows the passge of some molecules but not others
15.Covering of the internal and external surfaces of the body
18.Caused by capillary engorgement leading to redness of the skin

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