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Quiz 5 Astronomy OSU SUMMER

Charles Heflin

Study for impossible quizes

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5       6     7                               8
9   10             11                         12      
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33                           34                                   35      
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  40                           41        
      42                 43        
  47           48                
50                       51 52    

5.Occurs when a planet moves in front of a star; this is seen in our own solar system; will cause a star to dim.
7.Planet's orbital plane along the line of sight (2 Words)
9.This is six miles above its surroundings on Mars (2 Words)
11.Doppler shift has us look for orbital motions using the: (2 Words)
15.Recently discovered this was being produced by Mars subsurface, produced by either water-rock interactions or by bacteria where liquid water can be found
17.Largest _______ in our solar system in Plains of Mars
19.The point in space that sets a planet's orbit around a star; stars themselves also orbit around this point (3 Words)
23.Two stars line up; light from the background star is amplified by the gravity of the foreground "lensing" star. (2 Words)
25.Stars dim slightly during a transit, by this much (4 Words)
28.Measure the motion of the star toward and away from us because of its planet's gravity (also called Radial Velocity Method) (3 Words)
29.Is an indicator of planet composition
31.Mars is prime conditions for _______
33.The size of a Doppler shift gives us the star's (2 Words)
34.Water can only be stable as ice or water vapor on the surface of Mars because of ______ and _______ (3 Words)
37.Front to back Differential Gravity Force (2 Words)
38.Water on the surface of Mrs can only last briefly as it ______
39.Minerals containing water or hydroxide (2 Words)
40.You detect massive planets close to the star (2 Words)
42.Crater in Southern hemisphere of Mars (2 Words)
45.Mar's southern hemisphere has more ______ _______ (2 Words)
47.Many moons that orbit Jovian planets (2 Words)
49.River "mendering" and branching, streamlined islands, layered sedimentary rock, salt deposits, weathering of large craters (3 Words)
50.Largest Volcano in Solar System, no plate techtonics (2 Words)
53.Moons always show same face toward planet (2 Words)
54.Scanning electron microscope images shows presence of _____ in Martian Meteorites
1.Looking in part of the Summer Triangle for 3-5 years, largest digital camera ever in space.
2.50 F Daytime -51 F Average Nighttime -124 F (2 Words)
3.Rocks from Mars that have fallen to Earth (2 Words)
4.Detect the light from the planet directly; take a digital picture of the planet (2 Words)
6.Cratered Highlands dominating ________ hemisphere
8.Kepler has accurately determined the fraction of (3 Words)
10.This was warmer and thicker in the past of Mars
12.Europa has twice as much ______ as all of Earth
13.Galileo detected this around Europa (2 Words)
14.During Doppler shift, a star's spectrum Doppler shifts (colors): (3 Words)
16.When Mars was warm enough for liquid water (2 Words)
18.Altering an environment to make it habitable
20.Plains dominate this on Mars (2 Words)
21.Martain year is ______ as long as Earth years, and so are seasons
22.Planets are this many years young (3 Words)
24.Measure the brightening of a star with planets when it is aligned with a distant star (3 Words)
26.Permafrost and Poles (2 Words)
27.Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto (2 Words)
30.Detect the planet through its effect on its host star (2 Words)
32.Two Basic Methods of Detecting Exoplanets (3 Words)
35.Measure the dimming of a star as the planet passes in front of it (2 Words)
36.Permafrost on Mars could have________
41.Kepler has detected Earth-like Planets and entire Planetary Systems, TRUE or FALSE
43.Europa has an ______ , smooth surface
44.Earth's is 25, mars's is 23.5 (2 Words)
46.What a star does around a center of mass that helps us see it.
48.If there's a planet around the lensing star, it will do this to the light.
51.Atmosphere of Mars due to inefficient amount of greenhouse effect
52.Most volcanicly active world in solar system, Interior is molten silicates and sulfur

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