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Cell Organelles

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1.Forms when part of the cell membrane surrounds a cell and pinches off
4.The person who discovered cells Robert
6.The mitochondria has it's own ___, seperate from the nucleus
7.Cell without a nucleus
9.Provides strength and support in plant cells
11.What are the smallest living things
17.Acts as a barrier to the cell
18.Dark spot in the nucleus
19.One type of Eukaryotes
20.Digests food particles
2.Membrane covered organelle
3.Another type of Eukaryotes
5.Cell with a nucleus
8.Small Organelles attached to the Endoplasmic Reticulum
10.Stores water and other liquids in plant cells
12.Processes glucose to release energy for the cell
13.The fluid inside a cell between the nucleus and cell membrane
14.Part of a plant cell starting with C
15.Transports materials out of the cell
16.Control center of the cell

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