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Ch 20


Plant Diversity

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2.reproductive structure of gymnosperms inside of which the female gamete is fertilized
3.flowering plant whose embryos have two ctoyledons
8.process by which seed plants become fertilized without the need for free standing water
11.fibrous material made of dead cells that are part of the vascular system of some plants
12.embryonic leaf inside of a seed
13.study of plants
14.multicelluar eukaryote that produces its own food through photosyntesis
1.complex polymer that hardens cell walls of some vascular tissue in plants
2.in plants, a waxy layer that holds in moisture: in animals; a tough exoskeleton made of nonliving material
4.seed plant whose seeds are not enclosed by fruit
5.fertilzed and mature ovary of a flower
6.flowering plant whose embryos have one cotyledon
7.structure used by some land plants to store and protect the embryo
9.pores in the cutical of a plant through which gas exchange occurs
10.reproductive structure of an angiosperm

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