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Ch 21


Plant Structure

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4.supportive and conductive tissue in plants
9.one of a pair of cells that controls the opening and closing of a stoma
10.tissue that transports water and dissolved minerals in vascular plants
12.tissue that transports sugars in vascular plants
13.broad part of a leaf where most of the photosynthesis of a plant takes place
14.root system made up of many thread like members of more or less equal lenght
15.stalk that attaches a leaf blade to the stem
1.center of a root or stem that contains phloem and xylem tissue
2.cells with thin walls that form tissue within leaves, roots, stems, and fruit
3.photosynthetic tissue of a leaf, located between the upper and lower epidermis
5.elongated cells with unevenly thick walls that form a supportive tissue of plants
6.release of vapor through the pores of the skin or the stomata of plant tissue
7.thick walled, ligin rich cells that form a supportive plant tissue
8.main root of some plants
11.undifferentiated plant tissue from which new cells are formed

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