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Ch 22


Plant Growth

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1.plant hormones that is produced in fruits and causes them to ripen
2.modified leat that surrounds a flower's reproductive structure
6.movement or growth of a plant in response to an environmental stimulus
7.growth of plants in resposne to gravity
12.growth of a plant toward a light source
15.female structure of flowering plants, made of the ovary, style, and stigma
16.organ in which a femle gamete develops prior to fertilization
17.process by which seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow
18.state of inactivity during which an organism or embryo is not growing
1.tissue within seeds of flowering plants that nourishes a embryo
3.long extensions of the neuron membrane that carries impulses from one neuron to another
4.haploid gamete producing phase in a plant life cycle
5.chemical signal that is produced in one part of an organism and afffects cell activity in another part
8.response of an organism to changes in the lenght of day light
9.plant hormone that stimulates cell growth
10.plant hormone that stimulates the final stage of cell division
11.diploid, spore producing phase of a plant life cycle
13.pores in the cuticle of a plant
14.modified leaf that covers and protects the flower while it develops

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