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Ch 23



  2 3
  5           6
7       8
9 10                      

4.animal with an internal segmented backbone
5.umbrella shaped body form of a cnidarian in which the mouth and tenacles are on the underside
9.animal development in which the animal's mouth develops before the anus
12.animal wthout a backbone
13.group of animals defined by structure and functional characterisitcs that are different from every other animal phylum
14.three stranded protein, unigue to animals that combine to form strong flexible fibers
1.fluid filled space that is completely covered by muscle
2.repeated sections of an analid's long body that contain the same set of body structures
3.capsule containing a thin coiled tubule with a poisonous barb at one end
6.correspondence of opposite parts in size, shape and position
7.tube shaped body form of a cnidarian inwhich the mouth and tentacles fae upward
8.animal development in which the animal's anus develops before the mouth
10.file like feeding organ found in mollusks
11.unable to move from a fixed point

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