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Puzzle - King Henry 1V and V

agleon 2012©

English Literature-The Enchanted Island

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    5   6                     7
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1.The prince sees Flastaff as a ____.
5.Man bound for Kent?
8.the dark-eyed, handsome young man
10.Mistress Quickly's profession____.
11.Falstaff feigned this on the battle field.
15.Sir Falstaff may be considered a ___.
17.He tried to persuade King Henry V to attack France
21.Saviour of France?
24.Quote ' God for Harry ___and ____.
25.Weapons of the war?
26.King Henry's idea of his son's behaviour___?
27.Disciplinarian and conscientious soldier
2.Soldiers were forbidden to do this to___ pheasants
3."The battle that would never be forgotten" happened on___
4.Date of battle with the Earl of Worcester
6.One section of the king's army ___?
7.Age of king at his death
9.The plan of Poins?
12.Law which prevented woment from inheriting land?
13.He died near the river bridge
14.Place beseiged and breached___?
16.Complete; ' I am not a tyrant, but a _____'.
18.The location of Canterbury Road?
19.Wife of King Henry V
20.Goods bound for London ____.
22.Talks held between both armies before acutual battle __?
23.King Henry V insult ____?

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