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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

1                   2   3
  5             6  
8 9                
    11   12                  
16   17           18             19 20
            22   23      
  25     26          

1.The name of Lillian's father (2 Words)
4.mother of Mary (2 Words)
5.name of the family that owns the local general store
7.school for white kids (2 Words)
9.The car that harlan granger owns
11.they came by the logan house during the night
13.a white brother that owns the wallace store
14.T.J's family's surname
16.A period in time when whites and blacks tried to get along
21.Stacey thinks he loks like this in the coat uncle hammer got him
23.name of the logan's horse
24.continent which slaves initially came from to america
26.Topic of the book
27.the man that came to stay and protect the logans (2 Words)
1.The Logan's farm this product
2.author of book (3 Words)
3.a city on the Mississippi River
6.A tenant which lives on rented land and gives a portion of the crop as rent
8.the girl who cassie despises (2 Words)
10.a stick that chiefly North American tree of the walnut family that yields useful timber (2 Words)
12.school for black kids (2 Words)
15.A town that has the same name as a fruit
17.the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ's birth, held on December 25
18.Cassie's uncle, who has a short temper (2 Words)
19.Pulled along by horses
20.City which mama came from
22.a group of people, e.g. traders or pilgrims, traveling together
25.the family name of the people that got burned by the wallaces

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