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Algebra Puzzle

Pamela Skaggs

This is a puzzle of terms we use in Algebra

1 2
5                                 6          
        13 14                

3.Adding or subtracting like terms within an algebraic expressions to obtain a single term with the same variable part
5.All the variable factors with their exponents
9.A reusable mathematical model using algebraic expressions to describe a common application
12.Modeled by the formula I=prt, where p repersents the principal amount invested at an annual interest rate r for t years
13.The reciprocal of a nonzero number n is 1/n
15.The numerical factor of a term
1.The process of combining like terms until the expression cintains no more similar terms
2.Given any real numbers a,b,and c a(b+c)= ab+ac or (b+c)a= ba+ca
4.Components of an algebraic expression separated by addition operators
6.Combinations of variables and numbers along with mathematical operations used to generalize specific arithmetic operations
7.Letters or symbols used in algebra to represent numbers
8.A term written without a variable factor
10.The act of replacing a variable with an equivalent quantity
11.Any of the numbers or expressions that form a product
14.Statement indicating that two algebraic expressions are equal

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