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Workforce Readiness

Edwina M. Gwynn, GCDF

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4.Where you look in the newspapers for job announcements
9.A statement as to a person's character/ability
10.A profession for which one trains and works for an extended period of time
11.The chance to do something that you want to do
12.One who is certified to work in a career development setting or incorporates career development skills in their work
15.A form that you fill out to apply for a job
18.Usually, the more of this you obtain, the higher your pay
21.Where most people get nervous when answering questions
22.How you can gain valuable work experience before you "get a job"
1.An ability/experience that makes you suitable for a job
2.A brief written account of one's work experience
3.The most common way to search and apply for a job
5.Making your own money and paying your bills makes you feel like this
6.Knowledge or skill that one obtains from seeing, doing or researching
7.Aim or purpose
8.One of the most successful ways of finding a job
13.This should be firm upon meeting the interviewer
14.You ask for this from employment counselors when you don't know where to look for assistance
16.A roadblock that you must overcome to get a job
17.Many employers come together looking for employees at one of these
19.The ability to do the job well
20.Advances professional excellence through credentialing, assessment and business services

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