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Retale Cue Puns

By Bob

Pun play on Business

1 2
  3                   4 5
6         7   8    
9     10           11        
        12       13
  18 19                                    
    20     21                
  23           24          
27               28                

3.Tips for Phobic Hypochondriacs (3 Words)
6.Gas for Layaway Shelf
9.Rejects less than the Speed of Sound (2 Words)
14.Animal Controversy at Film Festival (3 Words)
15.Crusoe's Man (2 Words)
16.Layaway Shelf
19.Small Donkey on a Dairy Farm (3 Words)
20.Take Stock of Dinnerware (2 Words)
22.Song for Customer Service (3 Words)
23.Chronic Depressive (2 Words)
25.Skin-Tight Clothes for Highly Paid Athletes
26.Put on Weight by Social Drinking
27.Work Clothes (2 Words)
28.Group opposed to Weightwatchers (2 Words)
1.Try On
2.Customer Sell-back
4.Naive Enthusiasts for Fortune Tellers (3 Words)
5.Savvy Sailor (2 Words)
7.Looker and Where to Look
8.Weightwatchers Fights Back (4 Words)
9.To Cause Tears (2 Words)
10.Raising the Roof (2 Words)
11.Spray-on Clothes (4 Words)
12.Sells Electronic Shortcut to Everything (4 Words)
13.BBQ Diet for Linemen with a Sports Injury (4 Words)
17.Benchwarmers at Smeller Olympics (3 Words)
18.Moves Most Product (2 Words)
21.Paul Newman Character in Churchill (3 Words)
24.Empty Shelf (2 Words)

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