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John Sandercock

Geological terms and names

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3.The most common mineral in the crust
4.Happening at the mid ocean ridge
6.The most dominant erosional agent
11.Plates colliding
12.Movement without fracture
13.Colour of the powdered mineral
14.Lens shaped intrusive igneous body
16.The direction of the intersection of a folded rock with the horizontal
17.Rocks that have been altered from their previous form
18.Largest intrusive body
21.Folding upwards
22.Headwall falls
24.Sedimentary rocks over crystalline rocks
25.Only common non silicate mineral
28.Tendency of a mineral to break along smooth planes
32.Economically important minerals
34.Formed by high heat
35.A rock with strong banding of light and dark minerals
36.A foliated rock rich in mica
37.Hardest mineral
39.The most common rock in oceanic crust
41.Axial line of a syncline
1.Liquid part of the Earth
2.Continental drift and ocean floor spreading
5.Strongly magnetic mineral
7.Formed by high pressure
8.Sedimentary rock stratums are younger than those below it
9.Axial line of a anticline
10.Softest mineral
12.Parallel flat elongated crystal structure
15.Fine grained texture
19.Theory which explains mountain roots
20.Form from the alteration of other minerals
23.Quality of the reflected light
26.Rocks formed from weathered particles of rocks
27.Most common element in the crust
28.What minerals form given time and space
29.Has perfect cleavage in one direction
30.Born of fire
31.Fracture without movement
33.The most common rock in continental crust
38.Movement with fracture
40.Molten rock on the surface

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