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Food Preparation 1

PC – key reference to the following topics: Meat and Poultry. Fish and Shellfish. Stocks, soups and sauces. Eggs and savouries.

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2.Removal of bones from large cuts of beef.
4.A reduced, flavourful and nutritious light sauce.
6.An offal grilled or sautéed (found in lamb).
10.Flat fish synonymous with “lemon”.
11.Nutritionally eggs provide a good source vitamins and ………………
12.A style of Eggs served on a split muffin with hollandaise.
15.Traditional stewed beef dish.
17.Found mainly in the egg white.
18.A rough cut of vegetables.
20.Soluble fat dispersed throughout quality cuts of beef.
1.A soup that has been passed or blended.
3.Crumbed fish strips.
5.150g – 200g is the ideal weight for these (beef) steaks.
7.Oily, freshwater fish a favourite on any menu.
8.NZ Crustacean equivalent to a lobster - without pincers.
9.New Zealand farmed venison
13.Combination of two (unmixable) liquids.
14.White, ocean caught fish, large colourful wings.
16.Mid-section of lamb.
19.Bridge pies, bouchees and sausage rolls use this type of pastry.

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