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Olympic Sports!

Miss Leslie

Sports trivia using action verbs!

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1.Athletes who ________ first can win a gold medal.
7.In this popular sport, points are won by throwing a large ball through an open net hanging from a metal ring.
9.Football is a team sport, you should _______ the ball.
13.This sport is played with a bow and arrow.
14.Asians, especially Chinese are good at this table sport. (2 Words)
15.This is a water sport in the olympics.
17.This is a winter sport, which involves coming down slopes and mountains at high speeds.
18.This sport is what has made Tiger Woods famous.
21.In basketball, we catch and _______ the ball.
22.This is a racquet sport, almost like badminton.
23.We need to _______ the ball in volleyball to start the play.
2.This olympic sport is about running and jumping hurdles.
3.What sport does a gymnast do at the olympics?
4.Americans call it "soccer". What is this in British English?
5.This sport involves a lot of jumping and hitting of the ball back and forth.
6.This sport involves figthing with long thin swords.
7.This is a racquet sport like tennis. It is very popular in China.
8.What is another word for STRIKE?
10.We ________ over a high place in the sport of high jump in track and field.
11.This sport is played on ice between two teams.
12.A race usually involves riding bicycles over a long distance.
15.We _________ arrows in the game of archery.
16.The football match was a ______. The score was one to one.
17.We jump and _________ the ball a lot when we play volleyball.
19.Sports fans always clap and ________ for their athlete.
20.In a game, some people win, some _________.

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