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Biology review

Ms Barrand

Human body systems

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3.______________ system, digests and absorbs food to provide nutrients
6.__________ are building blocks of life; from meat and dairy sources
7.__________ is absorbed by the small intestine and enters the blood stream
9._______________system, provides oxygen for the cells
10.________________ system, transports oxygen and nutrients around the body
12.___________ diffuses from the blood stream into cells
14.Blood flows from the body into the right __________
18.The _______ stores glucose until it is needed by the body
20.Blood flows from the right ___________ to the lungs for oxygenation
22.The main site of nutrient absorption is the _______ _______________
23.__________ are required in small amounts for growth and to avoid deficiency diseases
24.Fats and oils are called _______
26.____________ digestion occurs in the mouth, stomach and small intestine
27._______________ is the body's ability to maintain a balanced internal environment
1.Food and oxygen are required by the cells to make __________
2.Blood flows from the lungs to the _____ _________
4.Lungs have a large, moist ___________________ _________
5.Blood flows from the left ventricle to the ________
8.______________ are the main energy source for the body
11.Water and minerals are absorbed in the large ______________
12.Valves keep blood flowing in _______ _____________ only
13._________ have thick muscular walls and transport blood away from the heart
15.__________ __________ is a product of cellular respiration
16.____________ digestion occurs in the mouth and stomach
17._________ speed up reactions in the body; from a variety of fruits and vegetables.
19.______________ are one cell thick for diffusion of nutrients and oxygen to cells
21.Glucose is a source of __________
25._____ have valves and thinner walls than arteries

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