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1               2                 3   4 5 6
  7                       8   9          
    10 11                                
    18                 19        
20                 21                  
23       24             25            
    29 30                                
    31     32  
            33           34      

1.One code that reports two or more diagnoses or multiple versions of one diagnosis
3.Both of these notations indicate that the documentation was incomplete
7.is the condition that is the main reason for this encounter
11.It is illegal to unbundle
12.Lists related or similar conditions that are NOT reported with this code, and must be reported with another code.
13.name of the person for a diseas and or condition
14.Medical dictionary
15.Procedure codes are reported from these Books
16.List first before signs and symptoms of other conditions
18.show alternate terms called non-essential modifiers
20.Coding the treatment of a late effect will require at least
21.In an outpatient encounter, do NOT code any condition identified as...
22.is objective evidence of a disease or condition like fever
23.Healthy person might go to a physician
26.indicates a list of descriptors all relate to one term
27.show alternate terms
29.are only coded when there is no definite diagnosis.
33.What kind of encounters ONLY code confirmed diagnoses
35.contains the Table of Drugs and Chemicals
36.is the Alphabetic Index to Diseases from A to Z
37.is example of scarring, as the result of a burn, laceration, wound or other injury
1.indicates that the description continues with one of the following list of terms
2.show additional codes that must be included with the first
4.Code has to be reported with the--------
5.identifies the physician was acting within the bounds of good medicine.
6.To explain HOW and WHERE a patient has been injured or poisoned
8.indicate the documentation identified details that the ICD-9-CM book does not specify
9.is subjective, as related by the patient like feeling tired
10.When to code directly from the alphabetic index?
17.Procedure codes explain-----------the the health care professional did for the patient during this encounter.
19.An alphabetic listing of the causes of injury and poisoning
23.is the Tabular List of Diseases starting with 001 to 999.9
24.is a physician’s determination of a patient’s condition, illness, or injury.
25.explain WHY the insurance carrier should pay for the provision of procedures, treatments, and services.
28.it means AND/OR
30.Are THREE, FOUR, or FIVE digits in length.
31.Translating diagnosis and procedures
32.It is fraud using a code that claims a higher level of service or a more severe condition than is true.
34.Lists alternate terms for the same or similar conditions also reported with this code

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