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OC Bunyard

1 2 3       4                  
6 7         8
    9                     10  
          11   12                        
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23 24                             25                            
        26                 27             28    
  29                                           30                                
  32   33         34   35                          
    36     37                         38                       39        
42                                                                           43                      
44         45   46   47      
48                                                       49                                  
          51                                                             52
    54                     55                       56      
                      58                 59            
    60               61                    
          63   64    

3.Multiple small ducts of the sublingual salivary gland that open into the mouth on the surface of the sublingual fold and few join the submandibular ducts. (3 Words)
9.What direction does the articular disk move when you open your mouth?
12.The PDL anchors _________ to ____ (2 Words)
13.the condyle of the ramus of the mandible that articulates with the skull (2 Words)
17.AKA submandibular duct, the opening of the submandibular gland as it runs forward to the floor of the mouth and opens at either side of the frenulum (2 Words)
19.a salivary gland inside the lower jaw on either side that produces most of the nocturnal saliva (2 Words)
21.What is the name of the triangular space between teeth (b/w interproximal surfaces)? (2 Words)
24.a thick bone forming the side of the human cranium and encasing the inner ear (2 Words)
25.a line of tissue in the middle of the ventral side of the tongue that extends from the tongue to the floor of the mouth (2 Words)
26.which muscles of mastication depress (open) the mandible (2 Words)
29.would see lucency on periodontal X-ray indicating lesion in the mucosa. Tooth is non-vital as evident by all the bone loss aroudn the root. (2 Words)
30.raised portion of the temporal bone just anterior to the glenoid fossa (2 Words)
31.inner surfaces of mandibular teeth are what side?
32.DoD dental class: treatment needed but no emergency anticipated within 12 months (2 Words)
35.What to the "0's" indicate in the size of a suture? More zeroes = _________ diameter?
37.cranial facial disjunction fx of the face...whole portion of the maxilla is mobile (2 Words)
38.The vermillion border is the junction b/w what 2 tissue types? (2 Words)
40.DoD dental class: unknown treatment class, need an exam (2 Words)
41.Condyle unable to translate to full anterior extent (patient cannot close on their own)- no clicking (5 Words)
42.4 muscles of mastication (6 Words)
48.4 functions of saliva (4 Words)
49.abscess confined to the gingival area, no bone loss associated with it. Abscess has not impacted the bone yet. Involves structures that support he teeth. (2 Words)
51.For a patient to have a periodontal abscess, what must they have? (3 Words)
55.Where do you begin a suture on a facial laceration involving the lips? (2 Words)
57.DoD dental class: no treatment needed (2 Words)
58.DoD dental class: treatment needed,emergency anticipated within 12 months if not treated (2 Words)
59.Transverse fx of face, not involving the eye, only the anterior maxilla (2 Words)
61.how many vermillion borders do we have normally? (2 Words)
62.function of the PDL (periodontal ligament) (2 Words)
65.3 major salivary ducts (3 Words)
66.normal, class I (2 Words)
67.pyramidal fx of the face, involving the orbits (2 Words)
68.Use this a guide to find the anterior border of the ramus (in patients with thick buccal fatty pad). Handy when giving an inferior alveolar block. (2 Words)
69.(dentistry) the normal spatial relation of the teeth when the jaws are closed
70.brushing gently at 45 degree angle, circular motion with small head toothbrush, soft bristles (3 Words)
1.inner surfaces of maxillary teeth are what side?
2.Major consequence of xerostomia (dry mouth) on the health of the teeth (2 Words)
4.4 physical signs of gingivitis (9 Words)
5.When does caries become irreversible? (8 Words)
6.in relation to the location of an infection, lesion or abscess where do you inject anesthesia?
7.What classification is based on buccal cusp of maxillary first molar in relation to buccal cusp of mandibular first molar
8.articular disk placed anteriorly, Reduces/comes into proper relationship w/ condyle when condyle translates (patient can close on their own) Reciprocal clicking (5 Words)
10.Class II, mandibular retrusion (overbite)
11.4 drugs that cause of gingival hyperplasia (4 Words)
14.sheets of tissue that attaches the cheeks to the gingiva in the premolar area (2 Words)
15.cartilage area that sits in the mandibular fossa (2 Words)
16.a deep concavity in the temporal bone at the root of the zygomatic arch that receives the condyle of the mandible (2 Words)
18.AKA dry socket, usually 3-4 days post extraction (2 Words)
20.anterior surfaces of maxillary, mandibular teeth are what side? (2 Words)
22.Class III, protruded mandible (underbite)
23.the glide motion of the TMJ is AKA
27.teeth #s of the 2 simple incisors. (2 Words)
28.which muscles of mastication elevate (close) the mandible (4 Words)
33.In lock-jaw, the condyles are unable to return back over what structure? (2 Words)
34.How do bacteria adhere to enamal surfaces? (2 Words)
36.The 2 major factors that affect the prognosis of an avulsed tooth (3 Words)
39.Where are the commissures of the mouth?
43.pad of tissue behind the last molar on the mandible. (2 Words)
44.the dimple or indentation under the nose directly above the lower lip
45.opening of the parotid salivary gland; looks like a small dimple opposite the upper second molar (2 Words)
46.2 motions of the TMJ (2 Words)
47.Inflammation of the crown of a partially erupted tooth, usually the 2nd or 3rd molars
49.a large salivary gland that produces 50% of daytime saliva (2 Words)
50.inflammation of the GUMS only (NOT BONE or hard tissue)
51.AKA periodontal disease, a disease that attacks the gum and BONE and around the teeth. Mobile tooth results.
52.fold of tissue located at the midline between the labial and alveolar mucosa of the maxilla and mandible (2 Words)
53.Teeth greater than # 9 are on which side of the patient's mouth?
54.the hinge motion of the TMJ is AKA
56.One place on an avulsed tooth you don't want to touch
60.critical time frame for survival of avulsed tooth (2 Words)
63.What is a healthy gingival sulcus depth? Less than ____mm. After _____ mm pocket depths, the hygienist cannot scale effectively and must refer to the periodontist for surgical debridement. (2 Words)
64.1st permanent molars erupt at what age? 2nd permanent molars erupt at what age? (2 Words)

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