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The Plague Puzzle

1         2 3
4   5      
  7 8 9          
10 11                      
  16   17                  
          18   19  
21                 22  
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28           29                
  30     31      
33         34          

1.What was done with some of the bodies following death from the plague
5.A special set of instructions from the Pope
6.Modern medicine that can fight infections
9.Medieval artists used these to draw the plague
11.A large port in the south of France
12.The Asian country hit hardest by the plague
13.Where the Popes lived at the time of the Black Death
14.A port in southern England believed to be where the plague first arrived
16.The Pope who sent out a special message in 1348 (4, 6)
18.Host for the fleas
20.An aromatic ball carried to guard against infection
21.Name given to non-Christians
23.These were kept in churches and worshipped as being holy
24.To get to the Crimea, ships had to sail this sea (5, 3)
28.The spiritual leader of medieval western Europe
29.The correct name for the 'flu
30.A river which flows through the south of France
34.An island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
35.Used for floor covering in medieval times
36.What people believd the Earth was in medieval times
2.The treating of one group differently from another
3.Lived on rats
4.Many people did this to escape the plague (3, 4)
5.The swellings on the body caused by the plague
7.People who whipped themselves
8.Merchants from this city had a trading post in the Crimea
10.A disease producing organism
15.The name medieval people gave to the plague
17.People used this name for the Black Death
19.Roofing on medieval houses
22.Farm labourers
25.Used to bleed paitents
26.Another name for priests
27.A place where monks lived
31.Women who gave their lives to the church
32.God's anger
33.The people who many believed were responsible for the plague

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