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OC Bunyard

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6.AKA funnel chest; depression in lower sternum; compresses heart and great vessels and may cause murmurs (2 Words)
9.what is the sound of asthma emphysema or a small pneumothorax
12.dyspnea while laying flat measured by # of pillows used by pt
13.condition in which the sound "ee" spoken by the patient is heard as "ay" through a stethoscope placed over the lungs possibly indicating consolidation. In a normal test a muffled "ee" sound would be heard
15.Expiratory longer than Inspiratory
17.Continuous musical and prolonged sounds heard in the lung. Lower-pitched sounds with a snoring quality suggesting secretions in the larger airways
18.rapid shallow breathing
23.sudden onset of dyspnea while sleeping (4 Words)
26.Discontinuous intermittent nonmusical and brief sounds heard in the lungs. Fine or course description. May be from abnormalities of the lungs pneumonia fibrosis early CHF or of the airways bronchitis bronchiectasis
27.Breath sounds that are louder and high in pitch with a short silence between inspiration and expiration; heard over the manubrium.
28.periods of deep breathing alternating with periods of apnea
30.abnormal enhancements of voice sound. An increase in intensity and clarity of vocal resonance because of enhanced transmission of sound. Indicates the consolidation phase of pneumonia.
34.Breath sounds that are NORMAL soft and low-pitched sounds heard through inspiration; fade away about one-third of the way through expiration; heard over most of both lungs.
35.With tracheal breath sounds duration of inspiratory is __ expiratory <> or =.
36.The term for multiple rib fractures resulting in paradoxical movements of the thorax (2 Words)
38.Sternum displaced anteriorly increasing the AP diameter while the adjacent costal cartilages are depressed is known as? (2 Words)
39.deep breathing due to metabolic acidosis that may be fast normal or slow in rate
1.Where are vesicular sounds normally heard?
2.slow breathing
3.With vesicular breath sounds duration of inspiratory is __ expiratory <> or =. (2 Words)
4.bronchial sounds heard on the periphery of the lungs indicate that the airways to the lungs are...? (4 Words)
5.dyspnea worse with upright posture i.e. pericarditis
7.Breath sounds that are very loud and high in pitch heard over the trachea in the neck Darth Vader.
8.tactile fremitus is pathologically increased over areas of? (2 Words)
10.Abnormal spinal curvatures and vertebral rotation deforming the chest is known as? (2 Words)
11.loud clear high-pitched percussion sound; large pneumothorax
14.With bronchial breath sounds duration of inspiratory is __ expiratory <> or =. (2 Words)
16.the transmission of a whisper in the same way as that of more readily audible speech commonly detected when the lung is consolidated by pneumonia increase in the volume of voice sounds. (2 Words)
19.increased AP diameter normal in infancy; often accompanies old age or chronic COPD (2 Words)
20.Difficult or labored breathing
21.pleural effusion and pneumothorax areas decrease what detection method? (2 Words)
22.Where are bronchial sounds normally heard?
24.grating adventitious sound made when 2 pleural surfaces rub together during respiration (2 Words)
25.hollow percussion sound; normal lung bronchitis
29.Inspiratory longer than Expiratory
31.Inspiratory = Expiratory
32.What term refers to the palpable vibrations transmitted through the bronchopulmonary tree to the chest wall as the patient is speaking
33.Continuous musical and prolonged sound heard in the lung. Relatively high-pitched with shrill quality suggest narrowed airways from asthma COPD or bronchitis
36.soft high-pitched percussion sound large thickened effusions empyema or solid material in the pleural space fibrothorax mesothelioma atelectases
37."thud-like" percussion sound eg.; pneumonia smaller effusions hemothorax tumors

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