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  59 60                                        
61             62                             63
            64                 65
69                 70      

1.Chronic inflammatory lesion that starts out as painful tender papule on the helix or antihelix then ulcerates and crusts (2 Words)
13.triangular thickening of the bulbar conjuntiva that grows slowly across the outer surface of the cornea usually from nasal side and may interfere with vision if encroaches on the pupil line of sight
14.Macula appears to be replaced by drusen causes devastating loss of central vision with preservation of peripheral vision. (2 Words)
15.Opacities of the lens most common in old age
16.Lid lag is a sign of what?
18.A narrow band of tissue connecting two larger parts of an anatomical structure
20.region of the eye from the cornea to the iris contains the canal of Schlemm (2 Words)
23.Failure of eyes to move together
27.A temporal lesion of the optic tract causes what type of vision loss? (3 Words)
29.nutritional deficiency or overclosure of the mouth as in people with no teeth or ill-fitting dentures
30.Eyeball protrudes forward Graves hyperthyroidism
31.Parotid gland (2 Words)
32.Oculus uterque; both eyes
35.Red inflamed lid margins
36.Are yellow pigmentations located over the macula. (2 Words)
38.part of the eye that is continuous with the sclera covering 1/6 of the globe
39.This grayish white arc or circle not quite at the edge of the cornea; normal with aging (4 Words)
42.Dilation of the conjunctival vessels; diffused conjunctivitis localized episcleritis
47.Leading cause of blindness in AA and 2nd leading cause of blindness overall; gradual loss of vision; S/S vary a lot between pts. (4 Words)
48.Yellow sclera
50.Sounds that result from the vibrations of blood within the arterial wall or changes in blood flow (2 Words)
51.lesion of the optic nerve in one eye causes what type of vision loss? (2 Words)
52.Central spot in the Macula; Highest density of cones; Fine vision; Most sensitive to light
54.3 eye charts that may be used for children; <3 y/o (3 Words)
56.Any pathological hardening or thickening of tissue
57.Inward turning of the lid margin
60.Starts with softening of the skin at the angles of the mouth followed by fissuring (2 Words)
61.Located where the cornea inserts into the sclera; Peripheral border of the iris; Determines the angle of the eye
62.Early sign of measles rubeola. Small white specks that resemble grains of salt on a red background. Usually appear on buccal mucosa near first or second molars (2 Words)
64.pupil inequality; 20% of normal people; <0.5mm
66.Mucosa may be pale bluish or red in color (2 Words)
67."lazy eye"; is the loss of one eyes ability to see details.
68.Without jaundice
69.Yellowish slightly raised plaques in the medial orbits of the eyes
71.Disorder in which the two eyes do not line up in the same direction and therefore do not look at the same object at the same time.
72.a fine rhythmic oscillation of the eyes is known as what?
2.blood in anterior chamber; usually caused by severe trauma
3.Fine rhythmic oscillation of the eyes
4.Outward turning of the lid margin
5.A parietal lesion of the optic tract causes what type of vision loss? (3 Words)
6.Firm hypertrophic mass of scar tissue extending beyond the area of injury
8.PAINFUL tender red infection in a gland at the lid margin
9.20/40 means the patient can read __ feet what a normal eye can at __ feet (2 Words)
10.Where the TM meets the tip of the malleus
11.Vision shifts with age
12.NONTENDER usually painless nodule of the meibomian gland sebaceous gland at the rim of the eyelids inside the tarsal plate supplies meibum an oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eyes tear film
17.Submandibular gland (2 Words)
19.Normal sebaceous glands that appear as small yellowish spots in the buccal mucosa or the lips (2 Words)
21.On vermillion border of lips and skin of face; from too much sun; premalignant changes in surface epithelium and uneryling CT diffuse border cant see where it begins; thickened mottled epithelium; can progress to sq cell carcinoma (2 Words)
22.lesion of the optic chiasm causes what type of vision loss? (2 Words)
24.Drooping of the upper lid
25.A deposit of uric acid crystals associated with chronic tophaceous chalky accumulations gout; Hard nodules on the helix or antihelix; May change to chalky white crystals through the skin
26.Swelling of the optic disc with bulging of the physiologic cup
28.Is a type of anopsia where the decreased vision or blindness takes place in half the visual field of one or both eyes
33.lesion of the optic tract causes what type of vision loss? (2 Words)
34.Oculus sinister people that are left hand dominate are sinister; left eye
37.May be normal or seen in children with osteogenesis imperfecta condition causing extremely fragile bones (4 Words)
41.Either 14 inches from head or 20 ft from the pt; "20/40" means the pt can read at 20 ft what a normal eye can read at 40 ft (3 Words)
43.During the EOM exam of the eye pause during upward and lateral gaze to detect what if present?
44.A convergence of small fragile vessels located superficially on the anterior superior portion of the septum; common source of nosebleeds epistaxis (2 Words)
45.Contains rods and cones
46.Midline mucosal fold connects each lip with the gingiva (2 Words)
53.Type of rhinitis characterized by mucosa that is reddened and swollen
55.Oculus dexter; right eye
58.Diffuse nonpitting tense swelling of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Develops rapidly associated with allergy or hives
59.Unlike the rest of the nasal cavity is lined with hair-bearing skin not mucosa
63.collection of fat medial or lateral to the iris which DOES NOT extend onto the cornea like a pterygium
65.Phenomenon where an arteriole crosses a venule resulting in impaction of the vein with bulging on either side of the crossing. (2 Words)
70.Mental Status

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