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  47   48         49                     50  
  51                         52
  55           56          

1.Condition in which a vertebra fails to form a spinous process during its development prior to birth
5.Contraction of muscles in a splinting action, surrounding an injured
6.Type of tapotement that uses the fingertips
8.Joint type in which a bony process articulates in a rotating motion in a ring of ligaments and bone
10.A viral infection that results in inflammation of the liver
13.Umbrella shaped muscle that helps in inspiration, spasms of it result in hiccups
14.Nervous system composed of the brain and spinal cord
16.Term that describes a condition in which the signs and symptoms develop quickly and last a short amount of time
17.Injury to a ligament or tendon that involves tearing off of its attachment
18.A muscle that stabilizes a joint or body part so another action can occur somewhere else in the body
19.Subjective changes noticed or felt only by the client which can't be measured
20.Condition of exaggeration of the thoracic curve
22.Muscle contraction in which the agonist/prime mover lengthens
26.Condition that also goes by the names, adhesive capsulitis, pericapsulitis, or calcific tendinitis
28.Lateral curvature of the spine
29.Decrease in size of muscular tissue do to deconditioning
31.Longest, strongest bone in the body
34.Sensory receptors that detect changes in temperature
35.A muscle contraction that causes movement of a joint
36.Condition that also goes by the names, wry neck, stiff neck, cervical dystonia
39.Condition in which the anterior and middle scalenes entrap the brachial plexus causing pain, and numbing sensations in the shoulder and arm
42.Assessment through touch
44.Process by which all microorganisms are destroyed
45.Nervous system that regulates the "fight or flight response"
46.The liquid component of fascia
48.A depression in the surface or at the end of a bone
49.A taut, tender area of muscle fiber that refers pain locally or to another location in the body, when pressure is applied
51.Temporary deficiency or decreased supply of blood to a tissue
53.Condition in which the extensor muscles of the forearm become inflamed at the lateral epicondyle of the humerus
54.Inflammation of a tendon
55.The liquid portion of blood
56.Type of joint that allows only flexion and extension
2.Thin membrane of connective tissue that covers bones
3.Massage technique popularized by James Cyriax and Justin Smith
4.Component of connective tissue that allows fascia to be flexible and change shape
7.A muscle contraction that occurs without any movement of a joint
9.The distal attachment site of a muscle
10.The use of various types of water applications and temperatures for therapy
11.Microorganism that invades cells and insert their genetic code into the genetic code of the host cell
12.flat sac of synovial fluid
15.Condition of exaggeration of the normal lumbar curve
17.A muscle that moves an appendage toward the midline
21.Nervous system that regulates the "relaxation response"
23.Connects bone to bone
24.A muscle that moves an appendage away from the midline
25.The outer or top layer of skin
27.Movement of the thumb across the palmer
30.Increase in the size the of muscle tissue due excessive use, myofilaments increase, and increased circulation
32.A factor that could make the application of a massage harmful to the client and or therapist
33.Word meaning "existing at the time of birth"
37.Personalization of the professional relationship by the client
38.Study of the movement of the body
40.Another name for the neurochemical adrenaline
41.Sensory receptors the detect pain or intense stimuli
42.The study of disease
43.The proximal attachment site of a muscle
47.Type of credential required by law, regulated by some form of government
48.Connective tissue found through out the body
50.Connects muscle to bone
52.Founder of lymphatic drainage massage

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