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Fruit & Veggie Tales


This puzzle is designed to help memorize the most common fruit and vegetable codes in our store.

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1.PLU Code 4608 (During the old days, I served as a cause of death for a vampire)
3.PLU Code 4093 (I am small, round, and obtain the color of the sun) (2 Words)
4.PLU Code 4068 (Chives are my dried form) (2 Words)
6.PLU Code 3107 (I am both sweet and sour) (2 Words)
9.PLU Code 4011 (I am high in Potassium)
11.PLU Code 4065 (I have two names. Most commonly reffered to as a Bell . . .) (2 Words)
12.PLU Code 1000 (Most purchase me at register but pick me up on the way out)
13.PLU Code 4067 (I can be used as a substitute for fried green tomatos)
1.PLU Code 4069 ( I am a vegetable (Big and Round)) (2 Words)
2.PLU Code 4663 (I am small and round) (2 Words)
5.PLU Code 4062 ( I am long green vegetable that goes well with dip)
7.PLU Code 4032 ( Type of Melon)
8.PLU Code 4693 (Hot, Hot, Hot)
10.PLU Code 4016 (One a Day Keeps the Doctor Away)

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