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Faith Pointe 08/12/12

Miss Penny

1 2     3 4
6             7   8       9   10      
  11     12  
17           18        

2.what book of the Bible is our lesson in
5.where did the women meet pray
6.what part of the Bible is our lesson in
9.________ and Priscilla were tentmakers
15.what book of the Bible is the memory verse in
16.what did Lydia sell
17.Paul was telling people about the one _____God
18.Paul saw the people of Athens worshiped many ______
19.Lydia _______God
20.Lydia was _______
1.where did Paul go when he left Athens
3.who was Paul's helper
4.what journey was this for Paul
7.who was Paul planning on meeting in Athens
8.where in Athens did Paul visit to talk to people about Jesus
10.one alter read "to the _________God"
11.what does the memory verse tell us; make ______of all nations
12.every Sabbath Paul ________ in the synagogue
13.the New Testament is ______ Jesus
14.people made fun of Paul when he told them about Jesus' ________________

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