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La famille

Marie Ange

les liens de famille

1 2
5         6   7              
    8   9  
11         12          
13     14                      
15                     16            

4.la femme de mon père (2 Mots)
5.your son (2 Mots)
7.the male line (2 Mots)
10.the youngest girl (2 Mots)
11.he is the father's brother
14.in fairy tales she is mean and ugly (2 Mots)
15.my tonton's daughter (2 Mots)
16.he is the uncle's son (2 Mots)
17.she is my brother's wife (3 Mots)
18.he is old and wise (3 Mots)
19.the head of the family (2 Mots)
1.she has the children (2 Mots)
2.her grand daughter (2 Mots)
3.a special nick name for the uncle
6.she is the mother's sister (2 Mots)
7.she shares one of the parents with the other children (2 Mots)
8.she looks after the younger children (3 Mots)
9.the youngest boy (2 Mots)
11.she is the uncle's daughter (2 Mots)
12.she is supposed to be a good cook (3 Mots)
13.her/his mother (2 Mots)

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