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Colonial Reaction to British Laws

Helene Levenson

Laws and events leading up to the American Revolution.

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2.fiery anti-Stamp orator; "if this be treason, make the most of it!"
5.mountains along the western limit for colonial settlement
10.non-voting colonists had this parliamentary representation
11.proposed by Patrick Henry in response to the Stamp Act
12.Quartering Act's other name
13.rode to warn minutemen of British plans on Lexington
15.1770 fight between ship factory workers and redcoats, 5 colonists die
16.wrote anti-Stamp Act Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer
18.Spain got this from France after the Seven Years War
20.colonial "committees" publicizing their grievances against Britain
23.forced enlistment of colonists into the British Army
25.closed Boston port, permitted non-jury trials in Canada instead of local
26.another name for Intolerable Acts
27.act asserting Parliament's total authority over the colonies
31.the 1763 western boundary to colonial settlement
32.colonial assembly disbanded because it refused Mutiny Act compliance
33.Seven Years War left Britain with a massive ________________
34.anti-Catholic fears raised by this act providing civil government for French Canadians
35.act established vice admiralty courts to try smugglers
1.act, boycott, and harbor party on this East India Company product
2.treaty ending the Seven Years War
3.1775 measure; colonists to tax themselves at Parliament's command
4.after governor dissolved its legislature, its lawmakers called for a Continental Congress
6.former British Prime Minister urged redcoats withdrawn from colonies
7.required colonists to lodge British troops
8.per this book, colonists entitled to overthrow unjust rulers
9.duties imposed on lead, glass, paper, paint, and tea, 1767
14.Gen Gage wanted to seize gunpowder supply here, got skirmish instead
17.proposed the Albany Plan of Union, 1754
19.John's cousin, leading New England radical, Sons of Liberty organizer
21.act requiring colonial legislatures to stop issuing paper money
22.PA backcountry settlers demanding relief from colonial taxes
24.fort built by Col Washington; French and Indian War began here
28.Rhode Island colonials who set this ship afire put on trial in England
29.philosopher against obeying a government exceeding its rightful powers
30.won by British in 1763

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